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HEPL / KIPAC Seminar

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ian MacLaren

Glasgow University

Determining the Atomic Scale Structure and Chemistry of Nanostructured Materials

Abstract: In this talk I will show how recent advances in electron microscopy are allowing us to reconstruct the three dimensional atomic structure and chemistry of materials, right down to tiny nanostructures just two atoms thick. This involves the combination of imaging, diffraction, electron energy loss spectroscopy, and ab-initio modelling, as appropriate. Examples will include nanostructures in bismuth ferrite, titanium-doped tantalum pentoxide, and nanoscale precipitates in steels.

Bio: Dr. Ian MacLaren holds a BSc hons in Physics (1991) and a PhD in Metallurgy and Materials (1995) from the University of Birmingham, UK. Since then he has held research positions in Birmingham (UK), Gothenburg (Sweden), Beijing (China), and Stuttgart and Darmstadt (Germany) before being appointed to the faculty at the University of Glasgow in 2004. His work concentrates on the application of electron microscopy to the determination of the nanoscale structure and chemistry of materials, thin films and heterostructures. He is currently one of the management team of the Kelvin Nanocharacterisation Centre at the University of Glasgow and the SuperSTEM national facility, at Daresbury, UK. He is also the current chair of the Electron Microscopy and Analysis Group of the Institute of Physics.

Time: 4:00 – 5:00pm

Location: Physics/Astrophysics Bldg., Kistler Conference Room 102/103 (Map)

(Light refreshments available 4:00pm; Presentation begis 4:15pm)

Open to All