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Armen Gulian
Senior Research Scientist
Chapman University

Superconducting Antenna Concept for Gravitational Wave Radiation

Abstract: Combining the principle of magnetic flux quantization inside a superconducting loop and existence of rigid platforms (i.e., solids, non-deformable under the action of gravitational waves) a design for gravitational wave antenna is suggested. This design could yield a non-resonant detector, with modest sizes and capability to generate detectable signals for gravitational waves from astrophysical sources.

Biography: Armen Gulian's scientific career began with a PhD and post-doctoral research on non-equilibrium phenomena in superconductors and superfluids with Nobel Laureate Vitaly Ginzburg. His 70 refereed publications include: predicting the “phonon deficit” effect (important for development of electronic coolers); theory of superconducting quantum generators (potential application for terahertz radiation imaging and high-resolution acoustic imaging); prediction of interference current at hydrodynamic description of superconductivity (important for superconducting nano-wires).  Before setting up the Advanced Physics Laboratory for Chapman, Dr. Gulian founded the Laboratory of High-Temperature Superconductivity at the Physics Research Institute, Armenia (world’s first observation of phase-slip centers in high-temperature superconductors) and thereafter worked on development of quantum detectors at the US Naval Research Laboratory. There he suggested a theoretical design and demonstrated experimentally the cryogenic detector prototypes for X-ray/UV single-photons.

Location: Physics/Astrophysics Building, Conference Rooms 102 & 103
Thursday, March 8, 2012, 11:00am - 12:00pm
Light refreshments will be available at 10:45am; Presentation begins 11:00am.  Open to All



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