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Ivanka Pelivan

"High Performance Simulation of Satellite Dynamics - Application and
Verification with Gravity Probe B"


Abstract: The execution of fundamental physics experiments in space guarantees an environment of reduced disturbances as compared to the conditions on Earth. By reducing the disturbances, experiments can be conducted with a precision that is improved by several orders of magnitude thereby enabling
the observation of effects that otherwise would have been shaded by noise. Science missions like Gravity Probe B (GP-B), Lisa Pathfinder or Gaia are only possible in orbit applying further disturbance reduction
technologies. To guarantee the success of a mission, preliminary investigations are indispensable to predict the mission scenario, assess risks and estimate disturbances and error sources. A generic simulator has been developed which enables all mission-specific investigations. For validation purpose and knowledge enhancement regarding future science missions, the simulator has been adapted to Gravity Probe B. In this talk a high-performance simulator for scientific satellite missions will be
presented. It is shown how this simulator can be used for missions like GP-B. By adaptation to GP-B the first full simulator verification has been achieved.

CV information:
Ivanka Pelivan

- MS in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Illinois Institute of
Technology, Chicago, December 2002
- Engineering Diploma from TU Berlin March 2003
- industry experience since then in various fields including software
development for fluid dynamics and acoustics problems
- position at ZARM, University of Bremen since August 2005 within the
project "First Look" (doing PhD within this project)
- August 2007-August 2008: Research stay at HEPL funded by the EU


Location: Applied Physics 200
Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008
Light refreshments available 4pm: Presentatioin begins 4:15pm. Open to All


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