Index of HEPL Reports and Documents Not Generally Available in Libraries


The table below provides an index to a catalog of more than 1,000 index cards that were used as a catalog for HEPL report, momos, papers and other documents that were archived off campus and have recently been moved back on campus. All of the cards were scanned and compiled into an 891-page PDF file.

The table below provides an index to those cards. The Page Links in the right-hand column of the table open the PDF file of scanned index cards to the page of the card associated with each link. Thus, for each entry in the catalog, you can view the associated index card.

Note: The catalog PDF file is 40MB, so it make take awhile to download and open the first time you click on one of the links in the table below.

You can request a copy of any document in this catalog by sending an email message to Nancy Christiansen.

Catalog of Archived HEPL Documents

Card # Author(s), Title and Card Information Link to Card Index PDF File
1 Berman and Staff: Navy File Page 1
2 R. Hofstadter, H. R. Fechter, and J.A. McIntyre: HIgh-Energy Electron Scatting and Nuclear Structure Determinations; Phys. Rev. 92,978 (Sept., 1953) Page 2
3 D. D. Reagan:The Reaction C 12 (y,3p) Li9; Physical Review, 92, 651 (Nov. 1, 1953) Page 3
4 Richard Wilson: A Formula for Thick Target Bremsstrahlung; Proc. Phys. Soc. (London) A66, 638, (March, 1953) Page 4
5 Richard Wilson:Analysis of Photonuclear Reactions; Proc. Phys. Soc. (London)) A66) 645) (March) 1953) Page 5
6 Karl L. Brown and Richard Wilson: Electrodisintegration of Cu63, Zn64, Ag109, and Ta181; Physical Review, 93, 443 (February, 1954) Page 6
7 Hofstadter, R.: Qu~rterly Progress Report No.2, AF 18 (600) - 646  Page 7
8 Berman and Staff; Navy File  Page 8
9 R. Hofstadter and A. D. Kantz: (The Application of) Large Scintillators and Cerenkov Counter (to the Measurement of) High Energies; Nucleonics 12, No.3, 36 (March, 1954) Page 9
10 W. K. H. Panofsky and J. A. McIntyre: Achromatic Beam Translation Systems for Use with Linear Accelerators; Rev. Sci. Instri 25, 287, (May, 1954) Page 10
11 R. Post, and N. Shiren: The STanford Mark II linear Accelerator; May 1954 Page 13
12 R. Hofstadte: Quarterly Progress Report, No. 3., AF 18( 6oo) - 646 Nov 1 - Jan 31, '54; February, 1954  Page 11
13 R. Post, and N. Shiren: The Stanford Mark II Linear Accelerator; Rev. Sci. Instr. 26, 205, (Feb., 1955)  Page 12
14 Berman and Staff: March 1954 Page 14
15 J.A. McIntyre, Beat Hahn, and R. Hofstadter: Inelastic Scattering of 190 -Mev Electrons in Beryllium; Phys. Rev. 94, 1084, (May, 1954) Page 15
16 R. Hofstadter, B. Hahn, J. McIntyre, and A. Knudsen: High-Energy Electron Scattering and Nuclear Structure Determination, II; Phys. Rev. 95, 512 (July, 1954) Page 16
17 A. Kantz: Electron-Induced Showers; May, 1954 Page 17
18 R. Hofstadter: Quarterly Progres Report, AF 18 (600) -646 Feb. 1- April 30, 1954; May, 1954 Page 18
19 Reagan and Staff: Page 19
20 A. Berman: Photonuclear Reactions; Am. J. Phys. 22, 277 (May 1954   Page 20
21 G. Tautfest and H. Fechter: Secondary Electron Yield from Al by High-Energy Primary Electrons; Physical, Review, 96, 35 , (Oct. 1954) Page 21
22 A. Berman and K. Brown: Absolute cross Section vs energy of the Cu^63 (7,n) and (7, 2n) Page 22
23 G. Tautfest and H. Fechter: A Non-saturable Higp-Energy Beam Monitor; Review: of Scientific Instruments, 26, No.2, 229 (Feb. '55) Page 23
24 May 1- July 31, 1954 Air Force No. 5; August 1954 Page 24
25 Reagan, and Staff Navy File: 1 June - 31 August 1954; September, 1954 Page 25
26 W. Van Sciver and Hofstadter: Scintillation and Luminescence in Unactivated NaI; The Physical Review, 97, No. 4, 1181, (Feb. 15, 1955) Page 26
27 Navy File/ Air Force: August 1- October 30, 1954; November 1954 Page 27
28 W. C. Barber: Specific Ionization of High- Energey Electrons; Physical Review, 97, No. 4, 1071 (Feb. 15, '55 Page 28
29 W. C. Barber, W. D. George, and D. D. Reagan: Absolute Cross Section for the Reaction c12 (y, n) c11 Page 29
30 Chodorow, Ginzton, Hansen, Kyhl, Neal, Panofsky, and Staff: The Stanford High-Energy Linear Electron Accelerator (Mark III); Review of Scientific Instruments, 26, No. 2, 134, (May '55) Page 30
31 W. Panofsky, C. M. Newton, and G.B. Yodh: Pion Production by Electrons; Physical Review, 98, No. 3,  751, May 1, 1995 Page 31
32 K. Crowe, R. Helm, and G. Tautfest: Preliminary Data on the Measurement of the u+ -B+ decay Spectrum;  Physical Review, 99, No. 3, 872, (Aug. 1, 1995) Page 32
33 R. Charlie: The Quarupole Magnet as a Focusing Device; February 1957 Page 33
34 J. Narud: Theory of Nonlinear Feedback Systems Having a Multiple Number of First-Order Operating Points and its Application to Lillimicrosecon Counting Techniques; May 1955 Page 34
35 D. D. Reagan: Photonuclear Yields of N 17; Feb., 1955 Page 35
36 1 September- 30 November, 1954: December 1954 Page 36
37 J. McIntyre, and R. Hofstadter: Scattering of 192-Mev Electrons from the Deuteron; February, 1955 Page 37
38 W. Van Sciver: Scintillation phenomena  in NaI and CsBr; May, 1955 Page 38
39 J. Narud: Theory of Nonlinear Feedback Systems Having a Multiple Number of First-Order Operating Points Page 39
40 R. H. Helm: Inelastic and Elastic Scattering of 187-Mev Electrons form Even-Even Nuclei.; February, 1956  Page 40
41 R. H. Helm: Inelastic and Elastic Scattering of 187-Mev Electrons from Selected Even-Even Nuclei.; The Physical Review, 104, No. 5, 1466-1475, (December 1, 1956) Page 41
42 R. Hofstadter and J. McAllister: Electron Scattering from the Proton; The Physical Review, 98, No.1, 217, (April 1, 1955) Page 42
43 D. Reagan: Photonuclear Yield of N^17; The Physical Review, 100, No. 1, 113-120, (October 1, 1955) Page 43
44 Air Force: November 1, 1954- January 31, 1955; February, 1955 Page 44
45 Barber, Berman, Brown, and George: Z-Dependence of Bremsstrahlung; The Physical Review, 99, No. 1, 59-61, (July 1, 1955) Page 45
46 K. Mallory: A Comparison of the Predicted and Observed Performance of a Billion Volt Electron Accelerator: May, 1955 Page 46
47 W. Panofsky and E. Martinelli: CLASSIFIED, no copies available Page 47
48 Navy Files: December 1, 1954- February 28, 1955 Page 48
49 J. Fregeau and R. Hofstadter: High Electron Scattering and Nuclear Structure Determination III. The Carbon-12 Nucleus; May, 1955 Page 49
50 Hagerman and Crowe: A Measurement of the High-Energy End of the Bremsstrahlung Spectrum; Physical Review, 100, No. 3, 869-873, (Nevember 1, 1955) Page 50
51 Knudse: A Quick Closing Vacuum Valve; Review of Scientific Instruments, 27, No. 3, 148-150, Mar '56 Page 51
52 McIntyre and Hofstadter: Scattering of 192-Mev Electrons from the Deuteron (Same as Technical Report HEPL-37); Physical Review February 1955 March 1955 Page 52
53 F. X. Roser: Spectral Emission of Composite Liquid Phosphors; Science Vol. 121, No. 3153, pp. 806-808, 3 June 1955 Page 53
54 1 February- 30 April 1955: May 1955  Page 54
55 Untitled Page 54
56 Brown and Tautfest: Faraday-Cup Monitors for High-Energy Electron Beams; Review of Scientific Instruments Vol. 27, No. 9, pp. 696-702, September 1956 Page 55
57 Rawitscher: Effect of the Finite Size of the Nucleus on u-Pair Production by Gamma Rays; Physical Review Vol. 101, No.1, pp. 423-426, 1 January 1956 Page 57
58 Fregeau and Hofstadter: High- Energy Electron Scattering and Nuclear Structure Determination. III. The Carbon 12 Nucleus; Physical Review, 99, No. 5, 1503-1509, (Sept. 1, 1955)  Page 58
59 Annual Progress Report; 19 December 1955 Page 59
60 F. X. Roser: Probleme Groszflaciger Szintillationszahler; Acta Physica Austriaca Vol. 9, pp. 297-323, 1955  Page 60
61 J. McIntyre: Electron Scattering from the Deuteron; Physical Review Vol. 103, No. 6, pp. 1464-1471, 1 September 1956 Page 61
62 Masek and Panofsky: Evidence for the Electromagnetic Production of U-mesons; Physical Review Vo. 101, No. 3, pp. 1094-1109, 1 February 1956 Page 62
63 Bernstein and Panofsky: On the Bremsstrahlung Yield of High- Energy Electron in Hydrogen; Physical Review Vol. 102, No. 2, pp. 522-527, 15 April 1956 Page 63
64 Panofsky, Woodword, and Yodh: Pion Production by Inelastic Scattering of Electrons in Hydrogen Page 64
65 1 May- 31 July 1955: August 1955 Page 65
66 1 July- 30 September 1955: December 1955  Page 66
67 1 October- 31 December 1955: 13 March 1956 Page 67
68 Hahn, Hofstadter, and Ravenhall: High- Energy Electron Scattering and the Charge Distribution in Selected Nuclei; Distributed to the Air Force Only October,1955 Page 68
69 Hahn, Hofstadter, and Ravenhall: High- energy electron scattering and the charge distribution in selected nuclei; The Physical Review 101, No. 3, pp. 1131-1142, February 1956 Page 69
70 K. Brown: Z- Dependence of the Bremsstrahlung for the Case of Complete Screening; Physical Review Vol. 103, No. 1, pp. 243-246, 1 July 1956 Page 70
71 1 August- 31 October 1955: AF November 1955 Page 71
72 1 November 1955- 31 January 1956: AF January 1956 Page 72
73 McAllister and Hofstadter: Elastic Scattering of 188 Mev Electrons from the Proton and the a-Particle: January 1956 Page 73
74 McAllister and Hofstadter: Elastic Scattering of 188- Mev Electrons from the Proton and the a- Particle; Physical Review Vol. 102, No. 3, pp. 851-856, 1 May 1956 Page 74
75 Report to Research Corporation (Barber): June- December 1955; January 1956 Page 75
76 Lazarus, Masek, and Panofsky: Further Results on the Production of u-Meson Pairs of Photons; Physical Review Vol. 103, No. 2, pp. 374-377, 15 July 1956 Page 76
77 Chambers and Hofstadter: The Structure of the Proton; Physical Review Vol. 103, No. 5, pp. 1454- 1463, 1 September 1956 Page 77
78 Chambers and Hofstadter: The Structure of a Proton; June, 1956 Page 78
79 W. C. Barber: Density Effect on the Ionozation in Dases by Electrons; Physical Review Page 79
80 Neal and Panofsky: CERN Talk (IP-9); Vol. 1, MS sent, April, 1956 Page 80
81 1 January 1956- 31 March 1956 Page 81
82 W. K. H. Panofsky: Napkin Version- A Mass- Sensitive Deflector for High- Energy Particles; May 1956 Page 82
83 R. Hofstadter: The Structure of Nucleons and Atomic Nuclei Determined by High-Energy Electron Scattering; Written to be presented at the International Con!erence on Quantum Interactions of the Free Electron. Washington, D. C. April 1956  Page 83
84 1 Ferbruary 1956- 30 April 1956: AF May 1956 Page 84
85 Crowe, Frieddman, and Williams: Z Dependence of Positive Photopion Production; Physical Review Vol.105, No. 6, pp. 1840-1845, 15 March 1957 Page 85
86 R. Hofstadter: Electreon Scattering and Nuclear Structure; Reviews of Modern Physics; Vol. 28, No. 3, pp. 214-254, July 1956 Page 86
87 Fregeau: Elastic and Inelastic Scattering of 187- Mev Electron From Carbon-12 Page 87
88 K. L. Brown: Design of External Magnetic Focusing Devices for the Stanford Accelerators (Achromatic Beam Translation Systems for Linear Accelerators); Review of Scientific Instruments Vol. 27, No. 11, pp. 959-963, November 1956 Page 88
89 Cohen, Crowe and DuMond: The Pion and Muon Masses [letter to the editor]; Physical Review Vo. 104, No. 1, pp. 266-267. 1 October 1956 Page 89
90 R. Hofstadter: The Atomic Nucleus; The Scientific American Vol. 195, No.1. pp. 55-68, July 1956 Page 90
91 Crowe and R. M. Friedman: Photoproduction from Carbon; This paper was never completed for publication Page 91
92 Panofsky: Comments on Soviet Physics; June 1956 Page 92
93 Van Sciver: Spectrum and Decay of NaI; Nucleonics Vol. 14, No. 4, pp 50-51, April 1956 Page 93
94 K. M. Crowe, R. M. Fiedman and D. C. Hagerman: Angular Distribution of Photopions from Deuterium; Physical Review Vol. 106, No. 4, pp. 818-820, 15 May 1957 Page 94
95 Crowe and Friedman: Photoproduction of Pion Pairs in Hydrogen; Physical Review Vol. 105, No. 4, pp. 1369-1377, 15 February 1957 Page 95
96 Crowe, Friedman and Motz: Photopion from Nucleus +/- Ration; This paper was never completed for publication Page 96
97 Panofsky and Wenzel: Napkin Version-- Transverse Deflection of Charged Particles in Radio- Frequency Fields-- Letters to Editor; Review of Scientific Instruments Vol. 27, No. 11, p. 967, November 1956 Page 97
98 A. Hudson: The Energy Loss and Sraggling of 150- Mev Electrons in Li, Be, C, and Al; Physical Review Vol. 105, No. 1, pp. 1-6, 1 January 1957 Page 98
99 April 1-June 30th. 1956 Date issued: July 1956 Page 100
100 C. M . Newton: Literature on the Photoproduction of Pions; August 13, 1956 Page 101
101 K. M. Crowe: The Masses of Light Mesons, K- Mesons and Hyperons in 1956; Nuovo Cimento Series X, Vol. 5, pp. 541-561, March 1957 Page 102
102 May 1- July 31, 1956: Air Force Page 103
103 Panofsky and Tautfest: Measurement of the Radioactive Correction to Electron-Proton Scattering by Observation of the Absolute Cross Section; Physical Review, Vol. 105, No. 3, pp. 1356-1368, 15 February 1957 Page 104
104 John F. Streib: Design Considerations for Magnetic Spectrometers; Tech Report, November 1960 Page 105
105 W. Panofsky and G. B. Todh: Pion Production by Inelastic Scattering of Electrons in H2; Physical Review, Vol. 105, No. 2, pp. 731-734, 15 January 1957 Page 106
106 Crowe, Helm, and Tautfest: u-Decay; Never completed for distribution Page 107
107 July 1- September 30, 1956: October, 1956 Page 108
108 W. Panofsky: Absorption of Long- Lived Neutral K- Particles; September 1956 Page 109
109 R. W. McAllister: An Absolute Cross Section for Electron Scattering from Protons (Letter to the Editors); Physical Review, Vol. 104, No. 5, p. 1494, 1 December 1956 Page 110
110 W. K. H. Panofsky: Remarks on the Radial Beam Dynamics of the Linear Accelerator Distributed to M Committee; October 1956 Page 111
111 1 August- 31 October 1956: November 1956 Page 112
112 Dhar and McIntyre: Electron Scattering From the Deuteron and Neutron Proton Potential; Physical Review, Vol. 106, No. 5, pp. 1074-1082, 1 June 1957 Page 113
113 Hahn, Hofstadter, and Ravenhall: Electron Scattering from Neighboring Nuclei (Also available from the Library of Congress, Photoduplication Service, Washington; Physical Review, Vol. 105, No. 4, pp. 1353-1355, 15 February 1957 Page 114
114 Panofsky and Staff: Radiation Hazards in the Hansen Laboratories; October 1956 Page 115
115 W. C. Barber: Analysis of Electrodisintegration Experiments; 26 January 1957 Page 116
116 K. Mallory: On the Measurement of Shunt Imedance of a Cavity; Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 29, No.5, pp. 790-793, May 1958 Page 117
117 1 October- 31 December 1956: 25 January 1957 Page 118
118 Dalitz and Yennie: Pion Production on Electron- Proton Collisions; Physical Review, Vol. 105, No. 5, pp.1598-1615, 1 March 1957 Page 119
119 Technical Status Report on Research on Electron Scattering and Nuclear Structure: 1 November 1956-31 January 1957 Page 120
120 W. Van Sciver: Alkali Halide Scintillators; Institute of Radio Engineers, NS- 3, No. 4, 1956 Page 121
121 Status Report:  1 January- 31 March: 6 May 1957 Page 122
122 R. Hofstadter: Research on Electrons Scattering and Nuclear Structure; 17 July 1957 Page 123
123 W. K. H. Panofsky: Element Particle; 1 July 1957  Page 124
124 VOIDED Page 125
125 Status Report: 1 April- 30 June 1957 Page 126
126 R. Hofstadter: Nuclear and Nucleon Scattering of High Energy Electron 1, 2; Annual Review of Nuclear Science, Volume 7, 1957, pp. 231-316 Page 127
127 W. K. H. Panofsky: Linear Accelerator; Written for the Dictionary of Physics (Pergamon, London) (Not yet published) Page 128
128 Chesnut, Fitch, Motley, and Panofsky: Measurement of the Total Absorption Coefficient of Long- Lived Neutral K- particles; Physical Review, Vol. 109, No. 4, pp. 1353-1357, 15 February 1958 Page 129
129 H. F. Ehrenberg and R. Hofstadter: Incoherent Electron Scattering from the Nucleons in Beryllium and Carbon and the Magnet Size of the Neutron; Physical Review, Vol. 110, No. 2, pp. 544-551, 15 April 1958 Page 130
130 R. Hofstadter and M. Yearian: Magnetic Form Factor of the Neutron; The Physical Review, Vol. 110, No.2, pp. 552-564, 14 April 1958 Page 131
131 Status Report: 1 July 1957- 30 September 1957 Page 132
132 E. Allton and W. K. H. Panofsky: The Form Factor of the Photopion Matrix Element at Resonance; Physical Review Vol. 110, No. 5, pp. 1155-1165, 1 June 1958 Page 133
133 R. Hofstadter, F. Bumiller and M. Yearian: The Electromagnetic Structure of the Proton and Neutron; Reviews of Modern Physics, Vol. 30, No. 2, pp. 482-497, April 1958 Page 134
134 W. C. Barber: Electrodisintegration of B9 and C12; Physical Review, Vol. 111, No. 6, pp. 1642-1650, 15 September 1958 Page 135
135 Status Report; 1 October- 31 Decmeber 1957 Page 136
136 Henry W. Kendall: Multichannel Spectrometer Detector; IRE- Transactions on Nuclear Science, Vol. NS-5, No. 3, December 1958 Page 137
137 A.W. Knudsen and R Hofstadter: A NaI(T1) Total Absorption Spectrometer of High Energies; Institute of Radio Engineers, Vo. NS-5, No. 3, December 1958 Page 138
138 R. F. Mozley, R. C. Smith and R. E. Taylor: Multiple Scattering of 600- Mev Electrons in this Foils; Physical Review, Vol. 11, No. 2, pp. 647-649, 15 July 1958 Page 139
139 R. Hofstadter and M. Yearian: Magnetic Form Factor of the Neutron at 600 Mev.; Physical Review Vol. 111 No. 3, pp. 934-939, 1 August, 1958 Page 140
140 W. K. H. Panofsky: The Neutral n-Meson; 13 May 1958 9 May 1958  Page 141
141 Status Report: 1 January- 31 March 1958 Page 142
142 R. Hofstadter: Structure in the Proton and Neutron- Atom for Peace Conference, CERN Eighth Annual International High Energy Physics Conference; CERN Proce  Page 143
143 G. Burleson and R. Hofstadter: High ELectron Scattering from Li6; Physical Review, Vol. 112, No. 4, pp. 1282-1286, 15 November 1958 Page 144
144 W. K. H. Panofsky: Multiple Scattering Effects in Colliding Beams; 19 May 1958 Page 145
145 W. K. H. Panofsky: CERN Conference (Invited Paper); Proceedings of the Eigth Annual High- Energy Physics Conference at CERN, December 1958 pp. 3-19 Page 146
146 B. Richter: Large Angle Electron Pair Production from Hydregen; Physical Review Letters, Vol. 1, Number 3, p. 114, August 1, 1958 Page 147
147 A. J. Lazarus and W. K. H. Panofsky: Relative Angual Distribution at Small Angles of n+ -Mesons; Proceedings of the Eighth Annual High-Energy Physics Conference at CERN, Geneva, 1958 Page 148
148 Status Report: 1 April- 30 June 1958 Page 149
149 Ehrenberg, Hofstadter, Myer-Berkhout, Ravenhall, Sobottka: High-Energy Electron Scattering and the Charge Distribution of C12 and O16; Physical Review Vol. 113, No. 2, pp. 666-674, 15 January 1959\ Page 150
200  W.C. Barber Colliding-Beams Experiment - Beam loss from electron-electron Scattering Figure Numbers: SR212 Page 151
201  Burleson Inelastic Scattering of Electrons from He4 Physical review Page 152
202  De Staebler, Panofsky, Becker Bremsstrahlung Intensities from Hydrogen Page 153
203  J. Ohlsen Electroproduction of Pions from Hydrogen and Deuterim Physical Rev. Page 154
204  No copy Phillips Microwave Cavity Thesis Page 155
205 W.C. Barber, Berthold, G. Fricke, F. Gudden Nuclear Excitation by Scattering of 40 Mev Electrons Phys Page 156
206 Look up H. CranallSRS 212, SRP 227  Page 160
207 H.W. Kendall Virtual Photon Spectrum Page 161
208 Poirier, Bernstein, Pine Erratum to 174 Physical Review 117,557 1960 Page 162
209 Hofstadter Page 163
210 W.C Barber Photonuclear research at Stanford University Page 164
211 Hand: Louis Electron Proton Scatting at 900 MEV and 135° Physical Review Letters 5, No. 4 Page 165
212 March 1, 1960-July 31st, 1960 Page 166
213 Phyllis, Peter E. A Microware Separator for High-Energy Particle Beams Review of Scientific Instruments Page 167
214 Bumillar, Croisseaux, Nofstadter Eelctron Scattering from the Proton Physical Review Fillers Page 168
215 Hofstadter, Bamiller, Groisserdx Splitting of the Proton form factors and difraction in the Proton Kaya Rev. Letters Page 169
216 SRS 223, SRP 239 Page 170
217 F. Bumiller, E. Dally Reliability of Beam Monitors Page 171
218 F. Bumiller, J. Oeser, E. Dally Precision rotating-coil Fluxmeter Page 172
219 Crannell, Helm, Kendall, Oeser, Yearian Electron-Scattering Nuclear study of Levels in Ni, Bi, Pb. Page 173
220 Friedman, Kendall, Erickson, Gram Inelastic Scattering from Deuterium Page 174
221 Hofstadter, Bumiller, Chambers, Croissiaux A two-Spectrometer system for High-Energy Electron Scattering Studies Proc. of an Int'l conf. for instrumentation for High Engin. physical Berkeley 1960 Page 175
222 Hofstadter, Burleson, Marcum, Wadensweiler Remarks on the use of a Solonoidal free Spectrometer in High-Energy Electron Physics Same as 227 Pg. 316  Page 176
223 August 1-Oct. 31st. 1960 Page 177
224 R. Herman and R. Hofstadter Some speculative remarks on the Dirac and Pauli form factors of the neutron Rochester Proceeding of the 1960 Annual Int'l Conf. on High-Energy.  Page 178
225 W.K.H. Panofsky Particle Accelerator Page 179
226 W.K.H. Panofsky Use of synchrotron radiation from the storage ring for precision optional measurements. Page 180
227 Nov. 1, 1960-Jan 31st., 1961 Page 181
228 R. Alvarez Thick-radiation bremsstrahoung Page 182
229 R. Alvarez L. Hand Terick Radiotor bremsstrahdung: use of the Deek Page 183
230 L. Hand and C. Schaerf Pion Photoproduction at Backward Angles nearthe second Nucleon-Pion Resonance Page 184
231 Barber Grurman Colliding Beams Experiment Page 185
232 R. Hofstadter, C. de V Pries, and R. Herman Dirac and Pauli form factors of the neutron Physical Review Letters Page 186
233 R. Hofstadter and R. Herman Electric and magnetic struture of the proton and neutron Page 187
234 Hofstadter, Bumiller, Broissiaux Splitting of the Proton form factors and diffraction in the proton Page 188
235 E. B. Dally Electron-Electron Scattering at 500 MeV Page 189
236 L. Hand, H. Kendall, C. Scharef Relativistic Two-Body Kinematics (Program for this Burroughs-200 Computer) Page 190
237 W. C. Barber Colliding Beams Experiment (Injection Orbits) Page 192
238 W. K. H. Panosky Progress Report on e-e Colliding Beams Experiment Page 193
239 February 1st.-April 30th. 1961 Page 194
240 R. Alvarez Thick-radiaiton bremsstrahdung Page 195
241 May 1st. 1961-July 31st. 1961  Page 196
242 (Void) Page 198
243 F. Bumiller, M. Croissiaux, E. Dally, and R. Hofstadter Electromagnetic Form Factors of the Proton  Page 199
244 A. N. Saxena High-Energy Interference Effect of Bremsstrahlung Production in a Single Crystal of Silicon  Page 200
245 Burton Richter A suggestion for a 1-Bev/c Spectrometer Page 202
246 William Randolph Dodge Photoprotons from Oxygen, Fluorine, Neon, and other light Elements Page 203
247 Croissiaux (prepared by Aitken and F. Lewis) Multichannel Ladder Page 204
248 C. de Vries, R. Hofstadter, R. Herman, S. Krasner Recent results on the form factors of the Neutron and on the structure of Nucleons._ Page 205
249 D. Yount and J. Pine Production of Positrons with the Stanford Mark III Accelerator Nuclear Instruments and Methods Page 206
250 M. Bazin and C. Schaerf Absolute Calibrations of the Triple Focusing Spectrometer (MBM) Page 207
251 Aug. 1st. 1961-Oct. 31st. 1961 Page 208
252 William R. Dodge Erratum to HEPL-246 "Photoprotons from Oxygen, Fluoride, Neon and other Light Elements. Page 209
253 Darrell J. Drickey and Robert F. Mozley Possible evidence for a Retardation term in low energy (photoproduction) Page 210
254 Period covering: Nov. 1st. 1961-Jan. 31st. 1962 Page 211
255 W. R. Dodge, and W.C. Barber Photoprotons from Oxygen, Fluoride, Neon, and other Light elements Page 212
256 R. C. Smith and R.F. Mozley Positive Pion Production by Polarized X-rays between 227 and 373 Mev. Page 213
257 Franz A. Bumiller A precision rotating coil fluxmeter Page 214
258 C. de Vries, R. Hofstadter,and R. Herman Neutron Form Factors and Nucleon Structure Page 215
259 For the period covering: Feb. 1st., 1962-April 30th. 1962 Page 216
260 G.A Peterson and W.C. Barber Deuteron Magnetic Dipole Disintegration by 180° Electron Scattering Page 217
261 Kendall and Talmi Inelastic Electron Scatting from Y51 Physical review Page 218
262 P. Wilson Investigation of a Q of a Superconducting Microwave Cavity Page 219
263 D. Yount and J. Pine Scattering of High-Energy Positrons from Prontons Page 220
264 M.G. Croissiaux Electron-Proton Coincidences in Inelastic Electron Deuteron Scattering Page 221
265 Fairbank, Pierce, Wilson High Power Superconducting Cacities for Accelerators Page 222
266 Browman and Pine Annihilation in jFlight of 200 and 800 Mev Positrons H. Nenovo Cimento X, Vol. 27, 850-855, Feb. 16th. 1963 Page 223
267 W. Barber Inelastic Electron Scattering Submitted to annual Rev. Nuclear Science Page 224
268 J. Goldemberg, Y. Torizuka Upper limit of electric dipole moment of Electron Page 225
269 J. Goldemberg and Y. Torizuka Magnetic Elastic Scattering of Electrons by Light Nuclei Page 226
270 B. Richter Low-Mass Anomaly in Photoproduction of Pion Pairs Page 227
271 R. Hofstadter New Results on the Electromagnetic form factors of Nucleons Page 228
272 Goldemberg, Walecks, Pratt Mangetic Electron Scattering Page 229
273 J. I. Friedman and H.W. Kendall Determination of the Deuteron form factor from Coherent Photoproduction Page 230
274 Staff Status REport Period May-July, 1962 Page 231
275 L. N. Hand As Experiment Investigation of Pion Electroproduction Page 232
276 Goldenberg, Barber, Peterson, Torizuka Study of Nuclear Magnetic Transition by Inelastic Electron Scattering Page 233
277 G. A. Peterson Magnetic Form-Factors by 180° Electron Scattering Page 234
278 Goldenberg, Pine, Yount Scattering of 300 Mev Positrons from Cobatt and Bismuth Page 235
279 R. Simonds, B. Richter Mylar Windows for High Pressure Gas Counters Page 236
280 Goldenberg, Barber, Torizuka, Walecka Excitation of the Electric "Giant Resonance" by Inelastic Electron Scattering at 180° Page 237
281 Brickey, Hand Precise Neutron and Proton Form Factors Page 238
282 Kendall, Oeser Inelastic Electron Scattering Studies Page 239
283 Crannell, Colllard Relative Efficiency Corrections for a "Y" Channel Ladder Page 240
284 Fairbank, Pierce, Wilson High Power Superconducting Cavities for Accelerators  Page 241
285 Hofstadler, Collard The structure of the He3 Nucleus Page 242
286 Staff Period: Nov. 1962 to Jan. 1963 Page 243
287 Edge, Peterson Nuclear Excitation by 180° Electron Scattering Page 244
288 Coward, Gittelman, Lynch, Ritson Search for charged Particles with Rest Mass between that of the Electron and Mu-Meson Page 245
289 Fischer, Schaerf, Woodard An expensive 300 MeV/C Spectrometer with Solid Angle of 0.017 Ster., a Momentum Acceptance of 20% and Momentum Resolution of 1%  Page 246
290 Ritson Coherent Vertical Machine Instabilities Page 247
291 B. Gittleman, D.M. Ritson Spillout rate of Electrons in storage Rings due to Electron-Electron Scattering with the stored bunch. Page 248
292 (ITP-82) Lewis, Walecka, Goldemberg and Barber Electronmagnetic structure of the giant dipole resonance Page 249
293 Status report, from 1 Feb., 1963-30 April 1963. Page 250
294 Final Report on Contract N6/onr-25116 to office of Naval Research Page 251
295 W.C. Barber Electron Scattering at 180° Page 252
296 D.J. Drickey and R.F. Mozley Neutral Meson Production with Polarized X Rays. Page 253
297 P.B. Wilson A study of Beam Blow-up in Electron Linacs. Page 254
298 J. Pine and M. Bazin Determination of the Coupling constant from the -/+ ratio for Photoproduction from Deuterium. Page 255
299 M.J. Bazin and J. Pine Photoproduction of + Mesons from Hydrogen. Page 256
300 H. Collard, R. Hofstadter, A. Johansson, R. Parks, M. Ryneveld, A. Walker, M.R. Yearian Electron Scattering in Tritium and He3 Page 257
301 J. V. Allaby Procedure for Switching on Ritson 44" Spectrometer Page 258
302 P.B. Wilson Status of Research at Stanford University in Superconducting Electron Linacs. Page 259
303 R. Richter and D. Ritson Choice of an Operating Point for a Positron Electron Storage Ring Page 260
304 Staff Status Report (1 May, 1963-31 July 1963 Page 261
305 H. Collard, R. Hofstadter, A. Johansson, R. Parks, M. Ryneveld, A. Walker, M. Yearian Electron Scattering in H3 and He3. Page 262
306 L. I.Schiff, H. Collard, R. Hofstadter, A. Johansson and M. R. Yearian An Analysis of H3 and He3 Form Factors and the Determimtion of the Charged Form Factor of the Neutron. Page 263
307 E. F. Erickson and C. Schaerf  Determination of the Deuteron D Wave from Coherent   Photoproduction. Page 264
308 J. Pine and M. Bazin The n-/n+ Ratio for Photoproduction from Deuterium. Page 265
309 H. Fischer and C. Schaerf A Non Saturating Quantameter for very high Intensity Gamma Ray Monitoring.  Page 266
310 Allaby, Gittelman, Prepost, Ritson and Coward and Richter A Search for an intermediate Boson. Page 267
311 J. Goldemberg and C. Schaerf Measurement of the Deuteron Magnetic form factor at low Momentum transfer. Page 268
312 Staff Status report 1 August, 1963-31 October, 1963 Nonr-225 (67) Page 269
313 B. Chambers, R. Hofstadter, A. Marcum and M. Yearian Retractable Low Temperature Targets for high energy physics experiments. Page 270
314 P. Kruger, T.M. Crawford, J. Goldemberg W.C. Barber Excitation of  Isomeric States in Rh103 and In 115 by Electrons Page 271
315 D.J. Carson, J. Goldemberg, and W.C. Barber Mark II-A 75 Mev. Accelerator Page 272
316 J. Goldemberg and R.H. Pratt Note on the use of the Bethe-Heitler Bremsstrahlung spectrumin cross section measurements. Page 273
317 J. Goldemberg, W.C. Barber, F.H. Lewis Jr., and J.D. Walecka Form factors for strong M1 Transitions in light nuclei. Page 274
318 W.C. Barber Elastic and Inelatic Electron Scattering (Report of Talk Presented at the Third International Accelerator  Conference) Page 275
319 A. Browman, F. Liu and C. Schaerf Positron Proton Scattering Page 276
320 J. Goldemberg and W.C. Barber The Excitation of the Giant Resonance in C12 and O16 by Inelastic Electron Scattering. Page 277
321 C. de Vries, R. Hofstadter, A. Johansson , and R. Herman Inelastic Electron-Deuteron Scattering Experiments and Nucleon Structure Page 278
322 Staff STATUS REPORT for the period 1 November, 1963 - 31 January, 1964. Page 279
323 W. C. Barber Positron Intensities Available for Storage Rings . Page 280
324 M. R. Yearian and E.B. Hughes The Observation of a Pronounced Final-State Interaction in the Electro-disintegration  of the Deuteron Page 281
325 H. Collard, H. Hofstadter, E. B. Hughes, A. Johansson, M. R. Yearian, R. B. Day, and R. T. Wagner Neutron Charge Form Factor from Tritium and Helium- 3 Analysis . Page 282
326 A. Johansson Quasi-Free Electron-Proton Scattering in H3 and He3. Page 283
327 T.A Griffy A note on the electromagnetic structure of He3 and H3.  Page 284
328 Staff Status report for the period 1 February, 1964-30 April, 1964.  Page 285
329 F.F. Liu The Photodisintegration of the Deuteron by Polarized Protons. Page 286
330 F.F. Liu, D.J. Drickey, and R.F. Mozley Charged Pionphotoproduction from Deuterium with Polarized Bremsstrahlung. Page 287
331 E.A. Allton Bremsstrahlung in Electron-Proton Scattering Page 288
332 R. Hofstadter Method of Study of High-Energy Scattering Events with very small Energy Losses. Page 289
333 R.E. Rand, R. Hofstadter Upper limit of the Electron's Electric Dipole Moment Page 290
334 R. Hofstadter, E.B. Hughes, M.R. Yearian, T.B. Griffy Neutron form factors from Inelastic Electron-Deuteron Scattering. Page 291
335 H. Crannell, T. Griffy A determination of Radiative Transitions widths of excited states in C12. Page 292
336 H. Collard, R. Hofstadter, E.B. Hughes, A. Johansson, M. Yearian, R. Day, R.T. Wagner Elastic Electron Scattering from Tritium and Hellium-3. Page 293
337 R. Zdarko, D. Drickey, R. Mozley End of the Spectrum Page 294
338 H. Collard, R. Hofstadter, E.B. Hughes, A. Johansson, M. Yearian, R. Day, R.T. Wagner Elastic Electron Scattering from Tritium and Helium-3 Page 295
339 R. Frosch Wave function of H3, He3, and He4.  Page 296
340 Report Period, 1 May 1964 through 31 July 1964 Page 297
341 A.C. Hearn, C. Schaerf Backward Anomaly in photoproduction Page 298
342 H. Collard, R. Hofstadter, A. Johansson, R. Parks, M. Ryneveld, A. Walker, M. Yearian Electron Scattering in Tritium and Helium-3 Page 299
343 B. Chambers, R. H. fstadter, A. Marcum, M. Yearian Cryogenic Targets for Electron Scattering. Page 300
344 T. Griffy, R. Hofstadter, E. B. Hughes, T. Janssens, M. Yearian Electromagnetic Form Factors of the Proton and Neutron Page 301
345 T. Griffy, J. Walecka Multipole Selection Rules for Elastic Electron Scattering Page 302
346 L. Schiff, H. Collard, R. Hofstadter, A. Johansson, M. Yearian An Analysis of Tritium and Helium-3 Form Factors Page 303
347 M. Croissiaux, R. Hofstadter, A. E. Walker, M. Yearian, D. Ravenhall, B. Clark, and R. Herman ELECTRON SCATTERING BY CALCIUM AT 250 MeV Page 304
350 W.C. Barber Summary of information about the storage rings at Novosibirsk. Page 307
351 A. Browman, F. Liu, C. Schaerf POSITRON-PROTON SCATTERING Page 308
353 Status report Page 310
354 T. A. Griffy and R. J. Oakes ELECTRON-PROTON COINCIDENCE CROSS SECTION FOR He3 and H3. Page 311
355 Robert Hofstadter Electron Scattering on Nucleons, 3-body Nuclei and Ca40. Page 312
356 F.F. Liu Photodisintegration of the deuteron by polarized photons. Page 313
357 R.E. Rand, R. Frosch, and M.R. Yearian -Electron Scattering from the magnetic dipole and Octupole moments of Beryllium 9 and Boron 11. Page 314
358 F. Bulos and B. Richter Photoproduction of Neutron Mesons from Hydrogen near Threshold Page 315
359 Janssens, Hughes, 2 J. Yearian, Hofstadter Proton form factors from Elastic Electron-Proton Scattering Page 316
360 B. Hughes, T. Griffy, M. Yearian, and R. Hofstadter Neutron form factors from Inelastic Electron-Deuteron Scattering Page 317
361 R. Hofstadter Electron Scattering on Nucleons and Nuclei (Tech . Form of HEPL 355)  Page 318
362 Staff Status Report, Nov. 1 1964-Jan 31, 1965 Page 319
363 T. Griffy and Schiff Electromagnetic Form Factors Page 320
364 DeStaebler, Erickson, Hearn, and Schaerf Photoproduction of from Hydrogen near the Second Pion Page 321
365 C. Vanpraet Fine structure of the Giant Dipole Resonance in O16 as Observed by Inelastic Electron Scatteri ng at 180° Page 322
366 B. Gittelman Recent developments on the stanford 500 MeV Electron Storage Rings. Page 323
367 J. Goldemberg and C. Schaerf Electrodisintegration of the Deuteron at Low Momentum Transfer: Magnetic Transitions. Page 324
368 R. Hofstadter and M. Sternheim Scattering and the Pionic Form Factor Page 325
369 P.B. Wilson and A. Schwettmann Superconducting Accelerators Page 326
370 N. Dean Helium Treatment of Vac-Ion Pumps to remove deposited Argon Page 327
371 W.C. Barber and G.J. Vanpraet On the 4.431 MeV Excited State of Na23. Page 328
372 R. Rand A determination of the Upper Limit to the Electric Dipole Moment of the Electorn at Hight Momentum Transfer. Page 329
373 R. Rand Design of a 180° Electron Scattering Facility. Page 330
374 C. Barber Colliding Beams Status Report, Dec. 1964. Page 331
375 T. Griffy and D.U.L. Yu Electron Scattering from Nuclear Magnetic Moments Page 332
376 Sandro Vitale Possible positron intensities from Mark III Page 333
377 DeForest, Walecka, Vanpraet and Barber Giant Magnet Quadrupole Oscillations in Nuclei.  Page 334
378 G. J. Vanpraet Inelastic Electron Scattering from o18. Page 335
379 P. Kosaanyi and G. Vanpraet Magnetic Elastic Electron Scattering from Be9, B10, B11, and N14  Page 336
380 Staff Status Report, 1 February-30 April, 1965 Page 337
381 C. Buchanan and M. Yearian Experimental Evidence for a possible Meson-Exchange Contribution to Elastic Electron-Deuteron Scattering Page 338
382 B. Frosch An Empirical Mass Formula Involving the Electron Mass Page 339
383 Recent High Energy Electron Investigations at Stanford University Page 340
384 R. Prepost, D. Lundquist, and D. Quinn Eta Photoproduction in the Region from Threshold to 900 MeV. Page 341
385 J. Allaby, H.L. Lynch and D.M. Ritson - Bair Photoproduction below 1 BeV Page 342
386 C. Buchanan and M. Yearian Experimental Evidence for a possible Meson-Exchange Contribution to Elastic Electron-Deuteron Scattering Page 343
387 H. Lynch, J. Allaby, and D. Ritson Report on the Inelastic Electron Scattering Program at Stanford Page 344
388 J. Allaby, D. Lundquist, and D. Riston Polarization measurements on the Recoil Proton from photoproduction Page 345
389 R. Rand, R. Frosch, and M. Yearian Elastic Electorn Scattering at 180° from the Magnetic Multipole Distributions of Li6, Be9, B10, B11, N14 Page 346
390 D. Aitken and J. Lee A fully demountable X-Ray Tube for Vacuum Spectroscopy Page 347
391 G. Vanpraet and P. Kossnyi Study of Nuclear excitations in B10 and B11 & N14 by Inelastic Electronc Scattering at 180° Page 348
392 P.B. Wilson, H.A Schwettman, G. Churilow Measurements at High Field Strengths on Superconducting Accelerator Cavities Page 349
393 S. Vitale and F.F. Liu Positive Pion Production Asymmetry with Polarized bremsstrahlung near second resonance. Page 350
394 P. Kossanyl and G. Vanpraet s32 and p31 Excitation by 180° Electron Scattering Page 351
395 R. Ching and C. Schaerf Photodisintegration of the Deuteron from 500 to 1000 MeV Page 352
396 B. Wiik, H. Schwettman and P. Wilson A 200 MeV Superconducting Microtron with Unity Duty Cycle Page 353
397 T. Griffy and C. Iddings Coulomb Shifts of the Energy and Radius of Bound status Page 354
398 W.C. Barber and G. Vanpraet Transverse form factors of Excited states in 016. Page 355
399 J.V. Allaby European Travel Report Page 356
400 M.M. Sternheim  Singlet-Triplet mixing correction to the Hyperfine structure of the He3 Atom. Page 357
401 H.L. Crannell and L.R. Suelzle Determination of Relative Efficiencies for a Multi-Detector System.  Page 358
402 R. Rand, R. Frosch and M. Yearian Elastic Electron scattering from the Magnetic Multipole Distribution Li6, Li7, Be9, B10, B11 and N14. Page 359
403 R. Frosch, R. Rand, M. Yearian, H. Crannell, L. Suelze Inelastic Electron Scattering from the Alpha Particle Page 360
404 May 1st.-July 31st. 1965 Page 361
405 B. Gittleman, W.C. Barber, B. Richter, G.K. O'Neill Wide Angle Electron-Electron Scattering on the princeton-Stanford Storage Rings Page 362
406 B. Gittelman, W.C. Barber, B. Richter, G.K. O'Neill Beam Instabilities in the Princeton-Stanford Storage Rings Page 363
407 M. Yearian IBM-Stanford Data Acquisition Project Page 364
408 J. Allaby, H. Lynch, D. Ritson -pair photoproduction below 1 BeV. Page 365
409 R. A. Alverez Photoproduction of positive pions from Hydrogen at Energies near the first resonance. Page 366
410 H. Crannell Elastic and Inelastic Electron Scattering from C12 and O16. Page 367
411 R. Hofstadter, G. Noldeke, K. VanOostrum, L. Suelzle, M. Yearian, B. Clark, R. Herman, D. Ravenhall Charge Distributions of Ca40 and Ca44 from 250 MeV Electron Scattering Page 368
412 B. Gittelman Report on fifth international conference on high Energy accelerators at Frasca. Page 369
413 C. Barber Vth International Conference on High Energy Accelerators at Frascati. Page 370
414 R. Simonds and B. Richter Design of a Double Chamber Gas Cerenkov Counter Page 371
415 D.W. Aitken, A.I. Marcum, H.R. Zulliger Technique and apparatus for determining the response of Scintillators and Semiconductors to low energy x-ray excitation. Page 372
416 Staff Status Report, August 1-October 31st, 1965 Page 373
417 B. Gittelman and B. Richter Foreign Trip Report-Russia Page 374
418 P.B. Wilson Vth. International Conference on High Energy accelerators at Frascatti, Italy and Post- Conference Visits to European Labs. Page 375
419 W.C. Barber, H.A. Schwettman, B. Wiik, P.B. Wilson Proposed Microtron Project at HEPL Page 376
420 E.B. Hughes, T.A. Griffy, R. Hofstadter, M.R. Yearian Neutron form factors from a study of Inelastic Electron Spectra in the Electrodisintegration of Deuterium Page 377
421 M. Yearian IBM Status report No. 2, 1st. August-31 October 1965 Page 378
422 G. K. O'Neill Trip Report Page 379
423 E. Erickson Elastic Scattering of High Energy Electrons from Deuterium Page 380
424 S.P. Berezin, P.C. Gugelot P. Heide Charged Pion Yields from e + P Reactions Page 381
425 Staff Status Report - Nov. 1st. 1965-Jan. 31st. 1966 Page 382
426 J.D. Maloy, V.Z. Peterson, G.A. Salandin, F. Waldner, H. Kendall, A. Manfredini and J.I. Friedman Polarization of the Recoil Proton from ° Protoproduction in Hydrogen. Page 383
427 W.E. Cleland and R. Prepost Technique for forming pressure windows from Thin Metal Sheets. Page 384
428 C. Schaerf Positive Pion photoproduction at 180° near the second nucleon-piion resonance. Page 385
429 K.J. van Oostrum, R. Hofstadter, G. Noldeke, M. Yearian, B.C. Clark, R. Herman, and D. Ravenhall Isotope effect in Ca40, Ca44, Ca48, charge distributions from 250 MeV Elastic Electron Scattering. Page 386
430 T. Griffy, R.J. Oakes, and H.M. Schwartz High energy electron scattering as a test of the Nuclear Cluster Model Page 387
431 M.R. Yearian IBM status report 3-1 November 1965-31 January 1966 Page 388
432 H. Crannell, H. Dahl, F.H. Lewis Jr. Excitation of a 19 MeV Level in C12 by Inelastic Electron Scattering Page 389
433 H. Crannell, T. Griffy, L. Suelzle and M. Yearian A determination of the Transition widths of some excited states in C12. Page 390
434 P.B. Wilson Microwave Application of superconductivity. Page 391
435 R.F. Frosch R.E. Rand, K.J. van Oostrum, M.R. Yearian Structure of the Alpha particle form Elastic Electron Scattering Page 392
436 Staff Index of HEPL Reports, August 1953-Dec. 31st. 1965. Page 393
437 T.I. Smith Standing Wave-Modes in a Superconfucting Linear Accelerator Page 394
438 W.C. Barber, B. Gittelman, G.K. O'Neill, B. Richter A test of Quantum Electrodynamics by Electron- Electron Scattering Page 395
439 P. Friedl, C. Sederholm, W. Dye, H. Crannell, and M. Yearian The use of an On-Line Digital Computer in Closed loop high energy physics experiments. Page 396
440 G.K. O'Neill A test of the Electron Propagator by modification of the Princeton-Stanford Storage Rings. Page 397
441 B.F. Gibson and K.J. van Oostrum Charge structure of the CA Isotopes Page 398
442 J. Weaver and R. Alvarez Accurate phase length measurements of large microwave networks. Page 399
443 E.B. Hughes, M.R. Yearian and R. Hofstadter Neutron form factors from Inelastic Electron Scattering in Tritium and Helium - 3. Page 400
444 H.L. Crannell and M.R. Yearian P.J. Friedl, C. Sederholm, and W. Dye, I.B.M. An on-line data acquisition system for high energy physics experiments. Page 401
445 F.F. Liu, D. Lundquist, and B. Wiik Measurements of the Polarization of Protons from Deuerium Photodisintegration Page 402
446 G.K. O'Neill Trip Report, 5-18-66/ 5-29-66, on trips to Frascati and Cern. Page 403
447 M.R.Yearian, C.J. Crannell, H. Crannell, D.C. Smith, P.J. Friedl, C. Sederholm, and W. Dye, An investigation of High Energy Electron Produced Showers using a Computer-Controlled System. Page 404
448 R.E. Rand, C. Littig, and M.J. Beniston An On-Line Wire spark chamber system for Electron Scattering experiments. Page 405
449 Staff Status REport Feb. 1st,-April 30, 1966 Page 406
450 Staff I.B.M. status report 4/Feb. 1st.-April 30, 1966 Page 407
451 D. Lundquist, D.M. Ritson, J.V. Allaby, R. Anderson Polarization of Recoil Protons from Photoproduction in the 500 to 1000 Mev Region. Page 408
452 Staff Status report May 1st-July 31st. 1966 Page 409
453 J. Bradbury, B. Richter Photoproduction of K Mesons from Hydrogen near Threshold. Page 410
454 F. Chilton, F.J. Uhrhane The Neutron form factor Page 411
455 M.R. Yearian IBM Status Report 5 May 1st.-July 31st. 1966 Page 412
456 P.B. Wilson, W.M. Fairbank, H.A. Schwettman, T.I. Smith, J.P. Turneaure Application of RF Superconductivity to Accelerators and Instrumentation. Page 413
457 G.K. O'Neill Magnetic Detectors for Electron-Positron Colliding Beams Page 414
458 W.C. Barber, B. Gittelman, G.K. O'Neill, B. Richter Operation of the Electron-Electron Storage ring at 550 MeV Page 415
459 E.B. Dally, J.B. Nelson, W.R. Smith Measurement and Analysis of the 90Zr(d,p) 91Zr reaction between 3.5 and 5.5 MeV Page 416
460 T.I. Smith, H.A. Schwettman, W.M. Fairbank, P.B. Wilson Superconductitity and particle accelerators Page 417
461 H.A. Schwettman, T.I. Smith, W.M. Fairbank Superfluidity and Particle Accelerators Page 418
462 J.P. Turneaure, H.A. Schwettman The surface impedance of superconductors at microwave frequency Page 419
463 R.E. Rand, R.F. Frosch, C.E. Littig, M.R. Yearian Electron Scattering from the Deuteron at =180° Page 420
464 E.B. Dally and M. Croissiaux 15N Target for Electron Scattering Page 421
465 R. Prepost, D. Lundquist, D. Quinn ETA Photoproduction in the region from threshold to 940 MeV Page 422
466 T.I. Smith, W.M. Fairbank, H.A. Schwettman, P.B. Wilson Stanford's superconducting accelerator program Page 423
467 H.R. Zulliger and D.W. Aitken The linearity of the charge conversion function for cooled Lithium-drifted  silicon detectors in response to X-Ray and Low Energy -Ray excitation. Page 424
468 T.I. Smith Trip Report: Helsinki, Moscow, and Karlsruhe Page 425
469 R.S. Safrata, J.S. McCarthy, W.A. Little, M.R. Yearian, R. Hofstadter Scattering of fast electrons by oriented Ho165 Nuclei Page 426
470 W.C. Barber Report on trips to France and Germany, Sept. 26-30th 1966 Page 427
471 D.F. Hubbard and M.E. Rose Nuclear structure effects in Bremsstrahlung Page 428
472 B. Gittelman Foreign travel trip report Page 429
473 R. Hofstadter Toward a more scientific medicine Page 430
474 J.P. Turneaure Report on trip to the Soviet Union Page 431
475 P.B. Wilson Report on European trip Page 432
476 R.F. Frosch, H.L. Crannell, J.S. McCarthy, R.E. Rand, R.S. Safrata, L.R. Suelzle, M.R. Yearian Search for excited states of 3He Page 433
477 Staff Status report: August 1st.-Oct. 31st. 1966 Page 434
478 D. W. Aitken, B.L Beron, G. Yenicay, H.R. Zulliger The fluorescent response of NaI(T1), CsI(Ti), CsI(Na), and CaF2 (Eu) to X-Rays and low energy -Rays Page 435
479 L.R. Suelzle and M.R. Yearian A 100-Channel counter for an Electron-scattering spectrometer Page 436
480 H. Crannell The HEPL PL/1 Compiler Page 437
481 H. Crannell and D. Danforth Dead time corrections for slow counting systems Page 438
482 L.R. Suelzle, M.R. Yearian, H. Crannell Elastic Electron Scattering from Li6 and Li7 Page 439
483 D.E. Lundquist, J.V. Allaby, R. Anderson, D. Ritson Polarization of Protons from °photoproduction from Hydrogen in 500 to 1000 MeV Range Page 440
484 R.L. Anderson and r. Prepost Coherent photoproduction of the p°Meson from Deuterium Page 441
485  R.F. Frosch, J. S. McCarthy, R.E. Rand, M.R. Yearian Diffraction minimum in elastic electron scattering from He4. Page 442
486 R.F. Mozley Pion Photoproduction by Polarized -Rays Page 443
487 F.F. Liu, D. Lundquist, B.H. Wiik Proton polarization from Deuteron photodisintegration in 170 to 450 MeV region Page 444
488 R.S. Safrata, J.S. McCarthy, W.A Little, M.R. Yearian, R. Hofstadter Scattering of fast electrons by oriented Ho165 Nuclei Page 445
489 M. Croissiaux, E.B. Dally, R. Morand, J. Pahin, W. Schmidt Photoproduction of °'s from Hydrogen at 180° center of mass system. Page 446
490 E.B. Dally, J.B. Nelson, W.R. Smith Measurement and analysis of the Zr90 (d,p) Zr91 reaction between. Page 447
491 G.K. O'Neill Trip report-Frascati and Cern-January 28-February 8th, 1967 Page 448
492 R.F. Frosch, J.S. McCarthy, R.E. Rand, M.R. Yearian Structure of the He4 Nucleus from Elastic Electron Scattering Page 449
493 B.H. Wiik and P.B. Wilson Design of a high energy, high duty cycle, racetrack microtron Page 450
494 H.L. Lynch, J.V. Allaby, D.M. Riston Inelastic electron scattering from protons. Page 451
495 C.J. Crannell Electron-induced cascade showers in copper, tin and lead. Page 452
496 D.E. Lundquist Trip Report-Feb. 7-20, 1967, to USSR and West Germany Page 453
497 R. Hofstadter Trip report: 2nd. INT. Conf. on high energy physics and nuclear structure, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovoth, Israel, February 27-March 3, 1967 Page 454
498 M.R.Yearian Trip report: Nina, Rehovoth, Frascati, February 22-March 8, 1967 Page 455
499 R.F. Frosch Empirical relation of stable particle Masses Page 456
500 D. Benaksas and R. Morrison Electron triplets and pairs observed in a streamer chamber Page 457
501 Staff Status Report: Nov. 1 1966-Jan 31, 1967 Page 458
502 W.C. Barber Trip Report-Brazil, Israel, Germany, Feb. 12-March 21st. 1967 Page 459
503 H.A. Schwettman, J.P. Turneaure, W.M. Fairbank, T.I. Smith, M.S. McAshan, P.B. Wilson and E.E. Chambers Low temperature aspects of a cryogenic accelerator Page 460
504 M.R. Yearian IBM status report #6, Aug. 1, 1966-Jan 31st. 1967 Page 461
505 M.R. Yearian IBM status report #7-Feb. 1-April 26th. 1967 Final Report Page 462
506 W.C. Barber, B. Gittelman, W. Selove, D. Tompkins, F. Forman Electron Compton Scattering at =180° Page 463
507 J.P. Turneaure Microwave measurements of the surface impedance of superconducting tin and Lead Page 464
508 H. Crannell, L.R. Suelzle, F.J. Uhrhane, M.R. Yearian Elastic Electron Scattering from 13C Page 465
509 Staff Status Report Feb. 1, -April 30, 1967 Page 466
510 Hall Crannell The Correction of scattered-electron spectra for radiative effects Page 467
511 E.H. Bellamy, r. Hofstadter, W.L. Lakin, J. Cox, M.L. Perl, W.T. Toner, T.F. Zipf Energy loss and struggling of High-Energy muons in NaI(T1) Page 468
512 E.H. Bellamy, R. Hofstadter, W.L. Lakin, M.L. Perl, W.T. Toner Search for fractionally charged particles Page 469
513 R.F. Frosch, R.E. Rand, H. Crannell, J.S. McCarthy, L.R. Suelzle, M.R. Yearian Inelastic Electron scattering from 4He Page 470
514 J.M. Pierce The microwave surface resistance of superconducting lead, trapped magnetic flux, and a new magnetometer using superconductivity Page 471
515 J.B. Bellicard, P. Bounin, R.F. Frosch, R. Hofstadter, J.S. McCarthy, F.J. Uhrhane, M.R. Yearian, B.C. Clark, R. Herman, D.G. Ravenhall Electron scattering studies of Ca40 and Ca48 Page 472
516 B.H. Wiik Trip Report: London, Darmstadt, and Amsterdam, April 1967 Page 473
517 G.K. O'Neill Trip Report: Frascati and cern, July 2-9, 1967 Page 474
518 R. Hofstadter, E.W. O'Dell, C.T. Schmidt CaI2 and CaI2(Eu) Scintillation Crystals Page 475
519 D.E. Lundquist, R.L. Anderson, J.V. Allaby, D.M. Ritson Polarization of Recoil protons from Neutral Pion photoproduction Page 476
520 R. Prepost and B. Wiik Preliminary result of a polarization measurement in Proton compton scattering below meson threshold Page 477
521 Staff Status Report: May 1st.-July 31st, 1967 Page 478
522 J.B. Bellicard, P. Bounin, R.F. Frosch, R. Hofstadter, J.S. McCarthy, F.J. Uhrhane, M.R. Yearian, B.C. Clark, R. Herman, D.G. Ravenhall Scattering of 750 MeV Electrons by Calcium isotopes Page 479
523  D.J. Quinn, D.M. Ritson Asymmetric moon photoproduction at Stanford Page 480
524 J.P. Turneaure Low temperature and linear accelerators: II. Microwave properties of superconductors Page 481
525 M.S. McAshan The application of superconductors in the construction of High-Q Microwave cavities Page 482
526 M.S. McAshan Low temperatures and linear accelerators: III. Heat transport and refrigeration Page 483
527 T.I. Smith Superconducting linear accelerators Page 484
528 E.E. Chambers Superconducting accelerator project at Stanford: II. The five and five hundred foot accelerators. Page 485
529 P.B. Wilson Superconducting accelerator project at Stanford: I. Design problems Page 486
530 C.J. Crannell, H. Crannell, H.D. Zeman a High energy electron beam monitor Page 487
531 E.B. Dally and R. Hofstadter A high energy electron and -Ray detector with good resolution Page 488
532 J. Kessler Electron spin polarization by low energy scattering Page 489
533 J.B. Bellicard, K.J. van Oostrum Elestic electron scattering from lead-208 at 175 and 250 MeV Page 490
534 D.J. Quinn Asymmetric Photoproduction of moon pairs off hydrogen as a test of Quantum electrodynamics. Page 491
535 J.N. Weaver, T.I. Smith, P.B. Wilson Accelerating structures for superconducting linacs Page 492
536 Staff Status Report: Aug. 1st.-Oct. 31st. 1967 Page 493
537 B.H. Wiik, P.B. Wilson The racetrack microtron: An Electron accelerator for medium energies Page 494
538 H.R. Bowman, R.C. Gatti, R.C. Jared, G. Kilian, L.G. Moretto, S.G. Thompson, M.R. Croissiaux, J.H. Heisenberg, R. Hofstadter, L.M. Middleman, M.R. Yearian Electron-Induced Fission in U238, Bi209, and Ta181. Page 495
539 A. Barna. J. Cox, F. Martin, M.L. Perl, T.H. Tan, W.T Toner, T.F. Zipf, E.H. Bellamy Secondary partile yields at 0° from the new Stanford electron accelerator Page 496
540 H.R. Zulliger, D.W. Aitken Charge collection efficiencies for Lithium-Drifted Silicon and germanium detectors in the x-ray energy region. Page 497
541 D.W. Aitken, D.W. Emerson, H.R. Zulliger Response of the Lithium-Drifted silicon radiation deterctors to high energy charged particles Page 498
542 D.J. Drickey A parasitic electron beam and tagged photon beam Page 499
543 D.J. Drickey, J.R. Kilner, D. Benaksas Charged component of 1-GeV Electron showers in lead Page 500
544 D.W. Aitken, W.L. Lakin, H.R. Zulliger Energy loss and straggling in silicon by high-energy electrons, positive pions and protons Page 501
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546 J.S. McCarthy, T.R. Fisher, E.G. Shelley, R.S. Safrata, D. Healey Inversion in the deformation effect for neutron transmission through oriented Ho165. Page 503
547 W.C. Barber, G.K. O'Neill, B. Gittelman, B. Richter Effect of crossing angle on interaction rate of colliding beams Page 504
548 D.M. Ritson, D.J. Quinn Asymmetric muon-pair photoproduction from hydrogen Page 505
549 P.B. Wilson Theory and design of superconducting electron linear accelerators Page 506
550 E.B. Dally and R. Hofstadter A lead fluoride cerenkov shower counter Page 507
551 W.A Lakin, E.B. Hughes, R. Hofstadter A NaI(T14) spectrometer from -rays in the GeV range Page 508
552 J.P. Turneaure and I. Weissman Microwave surface resistance of superconducting niobium Page 509
553 J. Turneaure and A. Schwettman Microwave surface impedance and the superconducting energy Gap. Page 510
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555 D.W. Aitken Recent advances in X-Ray detection technology. Page 512
556 R. Hofstadter Total absorption nuclear cascade detectors for high energy physics Page 513
557 (NEVER WRITTEN) M.R. Yearian, J.S. McCarthy, R. Whitney Diffraction minimum in the elastic electron scattering by He3 Nuclei Page 514
558 B. Gittelman, W.C. Barber, W. Selove, D. Tompkins, F. Forman 1 BeV Electron compton scattering near 180° Page 515
559 J. Bellicard, R.F. Frosch, R. Hofstadter, J.S. McCarthy K. van Oostrum, F.J. Uhrhane, M.R. Yearian Elastic electron scattering from lead208 and calcium40, and 48 (Diffusion elastique D'Electrons DE Haute energie sur IE Plomb-208 ET Les Calciums-40 ET 48 Page 516
560 R. Hofstadter The atomic accelerator Page 517
561 R. Hofstadter Total absorption detectors for high energy physics Page 518
562 E.B. Dally A method to measure gallactic -Rays and Electrons Page 519
563 Staff Status report: November 1967-April 1968 Page 520
564 L.R. Suelzle RF Amplitude and phase stabilization for a superconducting linear accelerator by feedback stabilization techniques. Page 521
565 J. Cox, F. Martin, M.L. Perl, T.H. Tan, W.T. Toner, T.F. Zipf, W.L. Lakin A high energy, small phase- space volume muon beam Page 522
566 R. Prepost, R.M. Simonds, and B.H. Wiik Test of time-reversal invariance in elastic electron scattering from the deuteron Page 523
567 T.W. Donnelly, J.D. Walecka, I. Sick, and E.B. Hughes Electron excitation of Particle-Hole states in C12. Page 524
568 P.D. Zimmerman, M.R. Yerarian, T.W. Donnelly Inelastic Electron scattering studies from Ca40 and Ca48 Page 525
569 D.W. Aitken High resolution with nondispersive X-Ray spectrometers Page 526
570 E.E. Chambers Particle motion in a standing wave linear accelerator Page 527
571  I. Weissman and J.P. Turneaure A Nb TM010 mode cavity with high electric field and Q0 Page 528
572 E.B. Nughes, W.A Lakin, I.Sick, E.B. Dally, and R. Hofstadter New detectors for high and super-high energy physics Page 529
573 T. Braunstein, H. Bryant, J. Cox, B. Dieterle, W. Lakin, F. Martin, M. Perl, W. Toner, T. Zipf Determination of the total photon-proton cross section from low Q2 muon-proton inelastic scattering. Page 530
574 R. Prepost, R.M. Simonds and B.H. Wiik Test of time-reversal invariance in Elastic electron scattering from the deuteron. Page 531
575 Staff Status report: May 1st-August 31st., 1968 Page 532
576 J.M. Pierce Residual surface resistance in superconducting lead. Page 533
577 C. Lyneis, M. McAshan, H. Schwettman Applications of the fountain effect in superfluid helium Page 534
578 H.A Schwettman The development of low temperature technology at stanford and its relevance to high energy physics Page 535
579 R. Hofstadter, E.B. Hughes, W. Lakin and I. Sick A NaI(T1) total absorption detector for electrons and rays at GeV Energies Page 536
580 R.L. Anderson and R. Prepost Coherent photoproduction of the meson from Deuterium Page 537
581 B. Bosco, A. Plazza A Phenomenological determination of the importance of exchange currents in Nuclei Page 538
582 E. B Dally, M.G. Croissiaux, B. Schwitz Eleastic electron scattering experiments with N15 Page 539
583 T.I. Smith Tuning superconducting microwave cavity Page 540
584 M.R. Yearian and P.D. Zimmerman Quasi-Elastic scattering from Ca40 and Ca48 at 250 MeV/c three omentum transfer. Page 541
585 H.R. Zulliger, L.M. Middleman and D.W. Aitken Linearity and resolution of semiconductor radiation etectors Page 542
586 R. Simonds and  B. Richter Asymmetric electron pair production on carbon Page 543
587 C. Crannell, H. Crannell, C. Gillespie, K. Pinkau, R. Whitney Experimental determination of the transition effect in Electromagnetic cascade showers. Page 544
588 C.J. Crannell, H. Crannell, R. Whitney, H. Zeman Electron-Induced cascade showers in water and luminum Page 545
589 L.G. Moretto, R.C. Gatti, S.G. Thompson, J.T. Routti, J.H. Heisenberg, L.M. Middleman, M.R. Yearian,. Hofstadter Electron-and Bremsstrahlung-induced fission of heavy and medium-heavy nuclei. Page 546
590 K. Jost and H.D. Zeman Production of polarized electron beams Page 547
591 H. Zulliger, C.B. Norris, T.W. Sigmon, R.H. Pehl Electric field profile and electron drift velocities in lithium rifted silicon Page 548
592 E.B. Hughes, R. Hofstadter, W. Lakin, I. Sick On the design of NaI(T1) total absorption detectors for trongly interacting particles at GeV Energies Page 549
593 R. Anderson, R. Prepost, B. Wiik Photodisintegration of the Deuteron from 220 to 340 MeV. Page 550
594 T.R. Fisher, D.C. Healey, J.S. McCarthy Spin-Spin effect in the 165 Ho total neutron cross section at energies of 0.4 and 1.0 MeV Page 551
595 C. Crannell Calculation of the transition effect in electromagnetic cascades for depths beyond shower maximum Page 552
596 R. Hofstadter Nuclear charge distributions Page 553
597 Staff Status report 1 Aug.-31 Oct. 1968 Page 554
598 E. Jones, M. McAshan, L. Suelzle Report on the performance of the superconducitng injector for the Stanford linear accelerator. Page 555
599 R. Hofstadter The total absorption detectors for high and super-high energy physics. Page 556
600 W.L. Lakin, R. Hofstadter, E.B. Hughes A measurement of K°2 Nucleus total cross section Page 557
601 T.I. Smith Tuning superconducting microwave cavities (Abstract only) Page 558
602 R. Hofstadter, J.S. McCarthy Nuclear scattering experiments Page 559
603 E.B. Hughes Observations of the total absorption of electrons and pions in matter at GeV Energies Page 560
604 B. Beron and R. Hofstadter Generation of mechanical vibrations by penetrating particles Page 561
605 P. Zimmerman, M.R. Yearian, H. Brown Quasi-Elastic Electron scattering studies from CA40 and CA48 Page 562
606 I. Sick, E. Hughes, T.W. Donnelly, J.D. Walecka, G.E. Walker Electroexcitation of Particle-hole states in 16/0 Page 563
607 R. Hofstadter Suggested device for precise measurement of particle trajectories Page 564
608 R. Hofstadter Elastic electron and muon scattering at 100 BeV Page 565
609 E. Jones Recirculation at the Stanford high energy physics laboratory Page 566
610 E. Jones and H. Schwarz Super-leak tuning of a superconducting S-Band cavity Page 567
611 E.E. Chambers Status and development of superconducting 2+ GeV accelerator at HEPL Page 568
612 J. Turneaure and Viet Nguyen Superconducting Nb TM 010 mode electron-beam welded cavities Page 569
613 J. Heisenberg, R. Hofstadter, J. McCarthy, I. Sick, B. Clark, R. Herman, D. Ravenhall Elastic electron scattering by Pb208 and new informnation about the nuclear charge distribution Page 570
614 W. Lakin, L. O'Neill, J. Otis, E.B. Hughes, L. Madansky Measurements of the K°L-Nucleus total cross section at GeV energies Page 571
615 J. Heisenberg, J.S. McCarthy, I. Sick, M. Yearian Charge distribution of the even Nd-Isotopes Page 572
616 J. Heisenberg, R. Hofstadter, J.S. McCarthy, I. Sick, B. Clark, R. Herman, D. Ravenhall Fine structure in nuclear charge distribution Page 573
617 T. Sick, J.S. McCarthy Elastic electron scattering from 12C and 16O Page 574
618 L. Middleman, R. Ford, R. Hofstadter X-Ray and -Ray studies of high energy electron scatering events using semiconductor detectors Page 575
619 T. Fisher, D. Healey, D. Parks, S. Lazarus, J. McCarthy, R. Whitney A polarized 59Co target using a 3He-4He dilution refrigerator Page 576
620 J. Crawford, R. Ford, R. Hofstadter, E. Hughes, L. Middleman, L. O'Neill, J. Otis A request for parasite time in the neutral K° beam in end station B Page 577
621 H. Zulliger Pair creation in semiconductors Page 578
622 J. Heisenberg, I. Sick Transition density of the octupole vibration in 208Pb determined by electron scattering Page 579
623 E. Dally, M. Croissiaux, B. Schweitz Scattering of high energy electrons by nitrogen 14 and 15 Page 580
624 H. Zulliger, D. Aitken Fano factor fact or fallacy Page 581
625 B.L. Beron, S.P. Boughn, W.O. Hamilton, R. Hofstadter, T.W. Martin Mechanical oscillations induced by penetrating particles Page 582
626 E.B. Hughes, R.L. Ford, R. Hofstadter, L.H. O'Neill, J.N. Otis Properties of a NaI(T1) total absorption spectrometer for electrons and -rays at GeV energies Page 583
627 W.L. Lakin, E.B. Hughes, L.H. O'Neill, J.N. Otis, L. Madansky Measurements of K° and neutron total cross sections on nuclei at GeV energies Page 584
628 J. Heisenberg, J.S. McCarthy, I. Sick Elastic electron scattering from 13c Page 585
629 G. Li, I. Sick, J. Walecka, G. Walker M5 and higher mangetic moments in elastic electron scattering Page 586
630 D.C. Healey, J. McCarthy, d. Parks, T.R. Fisher Experimental observation of a "Spin-Spin Effect" in the neutron total cross section of 59Co Page 587
631 E.B. Hughes, R. Hofstadter Total absorption detector Page 588
632 A.J. Favale, E.J. Schneid, R. Hofstadter, E.B. Hughes A new instrument concept for a -ray astronomy Page 589
633 E.E. Chambers, R. Hofstadter A proposed spectrometer for Stanford's high energy physics laboratory Page 590
634 R. Hofstadter Total absorption detectors for super-high energy physics Page 591
635 J. McCarthy, I. Sick, R. Whitney, M. Yearian Electromagnetic structure of the He3 nucleus Page 592
636 G. Li, I. Sick, R. Whitney, M. Yearian High Energy electron scattering from 6Li Page 593
637 F.Bumiller, F.R. Buskirk, J.W. Stewart, E.B. Dally The form factor ratio GEn/GFP at low momentum transfers Page 594
638 T.W. Donnelly, I. Sick, J.D. Walecka, G.E. Walker Excitation of particle hole states in Si28 by inelastic electron scattering at high momentum transfer Page 595
639 Peter Bramham Measured and computed fields in the niobium accelerator structure Page 596
640 J.P. Turneaure, P. Bramham Design of Niobium structure Page 597
641 J. Heisenberg, R. Hofstadter, J.S. McCarthy, I. Sick, M.R. Yearian, B.C., Clark, R. Herman, D.G. Ravenhall Nuclear charge distributions from electron scattering: barium and neodymium Page 598
642 J. Heisenberg, J.S. McCarthy, I. Sick Inelastic electron scattering from several CA, Ti and jFe-Isotopes Page 599
643 H.D. Zeman, K. Jost, S. Gilad An inexpensive energy filter lens for large diameter electron beams Page 600
644 F.J. Uhrhane, J.S. McCarthy, and M.R. Yearian Electron scattering from aligned and non-aligned Ho165 nuclei Page 601
645 R.L. Ford, R. Hofstadter, E.B. Hughes, L.H. O'Neill, R.F. Schilling Response of thallium chloride as a spectrometer for high energy electrons Page 602
646 E.J. Moniz, I. Sick, R.R. Whitney, J.R. Ficenec, R.D. Kephart, W.P. Trower Nuclear permi momenta from Quasi-Elastic electron scattering Page 603
647 G.C. Li, I. Sick, M.R. Yearin High energy elastic electron scattering from Mg24, Si28, and Snat Page 604
648 J.R.J. Bennett High charge state heavy ion sources Page 605
649 L.R. Suelzle Status of the superconducting 2 GeV linear electron accelerator Page 606
650 E.B. Hughes On the response of a Large NaI(T1) Total absorption spectrometer to Electrons at GeV Energies Page 607
651 J.P. Turneaure Measurements of superconducting Nb prototype structures at 1300 MHz Page 608
652 D. Boyd, H.A. Schwettman, W.M. Fairbank A cryogenic source of negative pions for cancer therapy Page 609
653 Nip Chambers Phase bunching and radial focussing in a linear accelerator by alternating the sign of the synchronous phase Page 610
654 R. Rand A method of improving energy resolutions and increasing target thickness in 180° Electron- Nucleus scattering Page 611
655 P.H. Ceperley Studies of Superconducting cavities for heavy ion accelerators Page 612
656 M.S. McAshan Particle Accelerators Page 613
657 D. Boyd Some Characteristics of Negative Pion production using a medium energy electron accelerator Page 614
658 B.B.P. Sinha, G.A. Peterson, I. Sick, J.S. McCarthy Elastic electron scattering from the Isotones 40 CA and 39K Page 615
659 J.P. Turneaure Some theoretical aspects of RF superconductivity Page 616
660 I. Ben Zvi, J.G. Castle, Jr., Peter Ceperley Properties of a superconducting niobium test cavity at 350 MHz Page 617
661 E. Dally, R. Zdarko Asymmetry measurements for M° and M+ photoproduction by linearly polarized x- rays in the energy range 400-900 MeV Page 618
662 Peter H. Ceperley, J.G. Castle, Jr. U.H.F. losses in sapphire and ruby at low temperature Page 619
663 Peter H. Ceperley Pondermotive Oscillations in a superconducting helical resonator Page 620
664 R. Hofstadter Recirculation of an Electron bam in a linear accelerator Page 621
665 M. McAshan, H.A. Schwetman, L.R. Suelzle, J.P. Turneaure Development of the Superdoncuting accelerator Page 622
666 I. Ben Zvi, L. Bogart, J.P. Turneaure A simple device for improved control of 100% penetration electron beam welds Page 623
667 D.P. Boyd, R.E. Rand, G. Rothbart, E. Barth Coaxial and printed circuit delay lines for Multi-Wire proportional chaber readout Page 624
668 Gloria Li Pion Dose Calcultations and treatment planning using ideal pencil beams/published as "Pion Dose calculations acceptable for treatment planning" Page 625
669 Jack Simpson A superconducting pion channel for the radiation treatment for cancer. Page 626
670 Doug Boyd Title: ? Page 627
671 R. Schilling, J. Crawford, R. Ford, R. Hofstadter, B. Hughes, L. O'Neill Performance of Thallium chloride scinitllator as a total absorption shower cascade detector Page 628
672 E.B. Hughes, R. Ford, R. Hofstadter, L. O'Neill, R.F. Schilling and R.J. Wedemeyer Properties and applications of large NaI(T1) total abrorption spectrometers Page 629
673 S.R. Stein and J. Turneaure A superconducting cavity stabilized oscillator of high stability Page 630
674 A. Hebbard Search for practional charge using low temp. techniques Page 631
675 J.P. Turneaure The status of superconductivity of RF applications Page 632
676 Heisenberg, Hofstadter, McCarthy, Herman and Clark Electron scattering determination of Isotopic differences in the charge distribution of Ti 46, 48, and 50 Page 633
677 R. Rand and Z.G.T. Guiragossian A high quality Electrohn/Photon beam for NAL Page 634
678 R. Hofstadter, J. Crawford, B. Hughes and R. Schilling To test and calibrate a large Na1(T1) Tanc detector and to measure nuetral hadron cross sections Page 635
679 A. Vetter and I. Ben Zvi Beam dynamics program for a superconducting heavy Ion Linac Page 636
680 M. McAshan, K. Mittag, H.A. Schwettman, L.R. Suelzle and J. Turneaure Demonstration of the superconducting accelerator as a high intensity high resolution device Page 637
681 J. Turneaure and S. Stein Superconducting stabilizing Oscillator Page 638
682 H.A. Schwettman and R. Waites The effect of a magnetic field on field emission through atoms absorbed on a metallic surface Page 639
683 R. Waites and H.A. Schwettman Field emission from bismuth and tungsten in a magnetic field Page 640
684 L.R. Suelzle and E.E. Chambers Beam performance ofhte superconducting injector for the Stanford linear electron accelerator Page 641
685 K. Mittag and H. Schwartz Beam breakup in an superconducting electron accelerator Page 642
686 C. Lyneis, M. McAshan and V. Nguyen Recent measurements of S-Band and L-Band cavities at Stanford Page 643
687 E.B. Hughes total absorption detectors Page 644
688 R. Rand Kinematic limitations of the Baryon spectrum: A comparision with black holes Page 645
689 R. Hofstadter High energy physics using total absorption detectors Page 646
690 Intermediate and high energy physics quarterly status report #1(NSF) Page 647
691 G. Li High momentum transfer electron scattering from Mg24, Si28 and S32 Page 648
692 H.A. Schwettman, M. McAshan, K. Mittag, L.R. Suelzle and J. Turhneaure Demonstration of the superconducting electron accelerator as a high intensity high-resolution device Page 649
693 I. Sick The charge density difference between 208Pb and 209Bi Page 650
694 G.C. Li, R. Whitney, Sinha and Peterson Nuclear charge distribution of Isotone Pairs I, 31P and 32S Page 651
695 B. Beron and E. Gruenstein Action and reaction in a relativistic system: A Genanken Experiment Page 652
696 R.E. Rand A multi-Orbit recirculation system for a superconducting linear accelerator-The recyclotron Page 653
697 D. Boyd, H.A. Schwettman and J. Simpson A large acceptance pion channel for cancer therapy Page 654
698 Z.G.T. Guiragossian and R.F. Schilling Study of signal shaping and energy repsonse of large NaI(T1) spectrometers for application at NAL Page 655
699 J. Turneaure, H.A. Schwettmann and R. Waites Evidence for surface state-enhanced field emission in RF Superconducting cavities Page 656
700 Z.G.T. Guiragossian and R.E. Rand A 300 DeV High quality electron and pion beam at the new generation proton accelerator Page 657
701 L.R. Suelzle Progress on RF Electron superconducting accelerators Page 658
702 K. Mittag, H.A. Schwettman and H. Schwarz Beam Breakup in a 55-Cell superconducting Accelerator Structure Page 659
703 C. Lyneis, Y. Kojima, J. Turneaure and N.T. Viet Electron loading in L- and S-Bend superconducting Niobium cavities Page 660
704 J.M.J. Madey, H.A Schwettman and W.M. Fairbank A free electron laser Page 661
705 Z.G.T. Guiragossian, G. Rothbart and M.R. Yearian Picosecond time measurement with a linear accelerator and R.F. separator Page 662
706 I. Ben Zvi, J.F. Crawford and J.P. Turneaure Electron Multiplication in Cavities Page 663
707 J. Pierce Residual microwave surface resistance of superconducting lead Page 664
708 R.E. Rand, M.R. Yearian and C. Buchanan Resolution of the apparent discrepancy in the magnetic for factor of the deuteron Page 665
709 L. O'Neill, R. Ford, J. Crawford, R. Hofstadter, B. Hughes, R. Schilling, R. Wedemeyer Inclusive production of high energy neutral pions in pion-proton collisions at 14 G Page 666
710 S.R. Stein and J.P. Turneaure Demonstration of the superconducting cavity stabilized oscillator Page 667
711 I. Ben Zvi, P.H. Ceperley, H.A. Schwettman Stanford's superconducting heavy ion linac study: The design of Re-Entrant cavities Page 668
712 B. Beron, J. Crawford, R. Hofstadter, E.B. Hughes, R. Lose, P. LeCoultre, T. Martin, L. O'Neill, R. Schilling, R. Rand, J. Simpson and R. Wedemeyer Recent application of NaIT1) Total absorption counters. Presenterd at the 1973 conference on instrumentat Page 669
713 M.R. Yearian, R. Rand, H.A. Bethe, C.D. Buchanan Comments on present status of elastic and inelastic magnetic electron deuteron scattering Page 670
714 J.S. McCarthy, I. Sick, R. Whitney and M.R. Yearian Quasi-Elastic Electron scattering from 3He and 4He Page 671
715 B. Hughes and B. Beron Gamma Ray and pi° production from Hydrogen and complex nuclei by 270 to 375 gamma rays Page 672
716 J. Crawford, R. Ford, B. Hughes, R. Kose, T. Martin, L. O'Neill R. Rand, R. Schilling, J. Simpton and R. Rivinus An experiment to measure the reactions e+ e- etc. Page 673
717 E.E. Chambers Standford's superconducting heavy Ion linac study: The triple focussing linear accelerator Page 674
718 I. Sick, J. Ficene, Fajardo, P. Trower Elastic Electron-Tin Scattering Page 675
719 John Coonrod Computer Inteface for the Stanford pion therapy facility Page 676
720 R. Rand, B. Hughes, R. Kose, T. Martin, R. Schilling and McGregor A multi-wire proportional chamber system for use in a colliding beam experiment Page 677
721 R. Hofstadter Total absorption detectors and their application to high energy physics Page 678
722 D. Boyd, W. Fairban, H.A. Schwettman, J. Simpson, H. Kaplan and M. Bagshaw Design and installation of the large acceptance superconducting pion generator for cancer therapy Page 679
723 Todd I. Smith Superconducting microware cavities and josephson junctions Page 680
724 D. Boyd, J. Coonrod and J. Dehnert et al A high pressure Xenon proportional chamber for X-ray laminographic reconstruction using fan beam geometry Page 681
725 L. Bogart and I. Ben-Zvi A Sapphire to Vio0bium Vaccum seal for the temperature range 2°K to 2000°K supported by the NSF. Page 682
726 D. Boyd and J. Dehnert A comparision study of some computer reconstructive techniques Page 683
727 D. DiBitonto and D. Hitlin A high intensity superconducting Muon Channel submitted to nuclear instruments and methods typed and prepared at SLAC Page 684
728 J. Turneaure, H.A. Schwettman, H. Schwarz and M. McAshan Performance of Six-meter 1300 MHz superconducting niobium accelerator structure Page 685
729 B. Beron, J. Crawford, R. Ford, R. Hofstadter, E. Hughes, R. Kose, P. LeCoultre, T. Martin, L. O'Neill, R. Rand, J. Simpson, L. Resvanis and R. Schilling The observaction of the reaction e+e-, e+e-, e+e-, e+e-, e+e- at Spear Page 686
730 A precision luminosity monitor for use at Electron-positron intersecting storage rings Page 687
731 Stanford's superconducting heavy ion Linac Study I. Ben-Zvi, P. Ceperley and H.A. Schwettman Page 688
732 Progress report on the Stanford Superconducting recyclotron M. McAshan, R. Rand, H.A. Schwettman, T. Smith and J. Turneaure Page 689
733 Tests of Electrodynamics at Spear E.B. Hughes Page 690
734 B. Beron, J. Crawford, R. Ford, R. Hofsadter, B. Hughes, R. Kose, T. Martin, L. O'Neill, R. Rand, J. Simpson, R. Schilling, L. Resvanis and P. LeCoultre Measurements of e+e-, e+e-, e+e-, and +gg- at spear Page 691
735 A proposal to the office of Naval research for development of superconducting cavity stabilized oscillators as an Ultra high stability frequency source. J. Turneaure and H.A. Schwettman Page 692
736 Quasi-Elastic Electron Scattering R. Whitney, I. Sick, R. Ficene, R. Kephart and P. Trower Page 693
737 Experimental studies of the microwave properties of 8.6 GHZ superconducting Niobium-Tantalum and Tantalum Cavities   Claude Lyneis Page 694
738 Stanford's superconducting heavy Ion Linac study: Beam dynamics for a cryogenic booster linac I. Ben-Zvi and A. M. Vetter Page 695
739 Relative velocity measurements of electrons and Gamma Rays at 15 GeV G. Rothbart, G. Guiragossian and M.R. Yearian Page 696
740 On the role of electrons in RF breakdown C. Lyneis, P. Kneisel, O. Stolz and J. Halbritter Page 697
741 The superconducting cavity stabilized oscillator and an experiment to detecto time variance of the fundamental constant Page 698
742 Pion channel digital electronics John Coonrod Page 699
743 Analysis and development of a very sensitive low temperature gravitational radiation detector Ho Jung Paik Page 700
744 Measurments on superconducting niobium S-Band cavities P. Kneisel, C. Lyneis and J.P. Turneaure Page 701
745 Large NaI(T1) Crystals as High resolution Spectrometers in High Energy Physics and in -Ray Astronomy L. O'Neill, R. Ford, R. Hofstadter, B. Hughes, R. Kose, P. LeCoultre, T. Martin and R. Schilling Page 702
746 Superconducting Stabilized Oscillators of 6x10-16 S.R. Stein and J.P. Turneaure Page 703
747 Stanford's Superconducting Heavy Ion Linac study: The production and testing of Re-Entrant cavities I. Ben-Zvi and P. Ceperley Page 704
748 Measurements of e+e-, e+e-, e+e-, and e+e-, At center of Mass Energies close to 3105 MeV B. Beron, R. Ford, E. Hilger, R. Hofstadter, B. Howll, B. Hughes, A. Liberamn, T. Martin, L. O'Neill and J. Simpson Page 705
749 25 Years of Scintillation Counting R. Hofstadter Page 706
750 Tests on superconducting S-Bend Prototype Nb Accelerator Structures J. Turneaure, P. Kneisel and C. Lyneis Page 707
751 Practical considerations in the design and operation of superconducting structures H.A. Schwettman Page 708
752 M.R. Yearian and M. Van Dort Assymetric degradation of D, L-Leucine by longitudinal polarized electrons Page 709
753 D. Boyd Instrumentation for Fan Beam Computerized Tomography of the body Page 710
754 Z.G.T. Guiragossian Page 711
755 Z.G.T. Guiragossian The potential physics program of the 168" HEPL foussing spectrometer at Fermilab Page 712
756 Z.G.T. Guiragossian Page 713
757 L. Elias, T. Smith, J. Madey, H.A. Schwettman and W.M. Fairbank The free electron Transverse B. Laser 10.6 Gain Measurements Page 714
758 E. Hilger, B. Beron, R. Ford, R. Hofstadter, B. Howell, E. Hughes, A. Liberman, T. Martin, L. O'Neill, J. Simpson, L. Resvanis Measurements of selected (3684) branching ratios from a study of secondary lepton pairs Page 715
759 E. Hilger, B. Beron, R. Ford, R. Hofstadter, B. Howell, E. Hughes, A. Liberman, T. Martin, L. O'Neill, J. Simpson, L. Resvanis A search for monoenergetic -Rays from (3700) Decay Page 716
760 L. Elias, W. Fairbank, J. Madey, H.A. Schwettman and T. Smith Observation of stimulated emission of radiation by relativistic electrons in a spatially periodic transverse magnetic field. Page 717
761 J.P. Turneaure and S.R. Stein An experimental limit on the time variation of the fine structure constant Page 718
762 A recent search for Monoenergetic -Rays from (3684) Decay J.W. Simpson, B.L. Beron, R.L. Ford, E. Hilger, R. Hofstadter, R.L. Howell, E.B. Hughes, A.D. Liberman, T.W. Martina and L.H. O'Neill Page 719
763 Superconducting re-entranst cavities for heavy ion linacs. P.H. Ceperley, I. Ben-Zvi, H.F. Glavish and S.S. Hanna Page 720
764 "I-The interaction of gravitational waves and matter II-The design and construction of a cryogenic gravitational wave detector" Page 721
765 "A measurement of the reaction e+e- in the region of the (3684) E.B Hughes, B.L. Beron, R.L. Carrington, R.L. Ford, E. Hilger, R. Hofstadter, A.D. Liberman, T.W. Martin, L.H. O'Neill and J.W. Simpson Page 722
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767 Tests of QED from SLAC Experiments SP-4 and SP-16 at SPEAR" B.L. Beron, R.L. Carrington, J.F. Crawford, R.L. Ford, E. Hilger, R. Hofstadter, E.B. Hughes, R. Kose, P. LeCoultre, A.D. Liberman, T.W. Martin, L.H. O' Neill, R.E. Rand, R.F. Schilling and J.W Page 724
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771 "Four-Deep charge-Time and Pulse-Width scaling discriminator for delay line MWPC's" K. Lee and F.A.Kirsten, A. Grigorian and Z.G.T. Guiragossian Page 728
772 Card missing Page 729
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776 Card Missing Page 733
777 Search for Gravitational radiation, A large-Scale experiment requiring temperature in the Millikelvin region M.S. McAshan Page 734
778 The present operational status of superconducting electron linear accelerators Page 735
779 Some fundamental tests of Quantum Electrodynamics Robert Hofstadter Page 736
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782 David Earl Claridge No further info. available Page 739
783 M. Schwarz No further info. available Page 740
784 Speculation the Asymmetric degradation of Dl-Leucine with Longitudinal Polarized electrons. Page 741
785 Fermi momenta dn separation energies obtained from the Quasi-Elastic scattering of electrons from 48CA and 40CA P.D. Zimmerman and M.R. Yearian Page 742
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790 The Physics Capabilities of Electron-Proton Storage Rings at Fermilab Zaven G.T. Guiragossian Page 747
791 E.B. Hughes Page 748
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794 Initial performance of the stanford superconducting recyclotron J.R. Calarco, M.S. McAshan, H.A. Schwettman, T.I. Smith and J.P. Turneaure and M.R. Yearian Page 751
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799 Comment on nuclear charge distribution of Isotope pairs II. 39K and 40CA R. Hofstadter, J. Bellicard and J. McCarthy et al. Page 756
800 Observation of Mechanical nyquist noise in a cryogenic gravitational-Wave Antenna S.P. Boughn, W.M. Fairbank, R.P. Giffard, J.N. Hollenhorst, M.S. McAshan, H.P. Paik and R.C. Taber Page 757
802 Elimination of Electron multipacting in superconducting structure for electron accelerators Page 759
803 Operating characteristics and beam breakup measurements in the superconducting recyclotron M.S. Brittan, M.S. McAshan, H.A. Schwettman, T.I. Smith and J.P. Turneaure Page 760
804 Theory of a free electron laser W.B. Colson Page 761
805 One-body electron dynamics in a free electron laser W. Colson Page 762
806 Structure in the radiative capture of 12C by 12C near the coulomb barrier A.M. Sandorfi and A.M. Nathan Page 763
807 Preliminary report on an All-Order summation of the perturbation series for an electron in a free electron laser D.A.G. Deacon Page 764
808 A superconducting helically wound magnet for the free electron laser L.R. Elias and J.M.J. Madey Page 765
809 A superconducting helically wound magnet for the free electron laser L.R. Elias and J.M.J. Madey Page 765
810 One-body analysis of free electron lasers W.B. Colson Page 767
811 Card is missing Page 768
812 A discussion of the potential of the free electron laser as a high power tuneable source of infrared, visible and ultraviolet radiation Page 769
813 The free electron laser D.A.G. Deacon, L.R. Elias, J.M.J. Madey, H.A. Schwettman and T.I. Smith Page 770
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815 A free electgron laser in a uniform magnetic field W.B. Colson and S.K. Ride Page 772
816 Card is missing Page 773
817 A fast pulsed electron gun J.M.J. Madey, G.J. Ramian and T.I. Smith Page 774
818 A superconducting helically wound magnet for the free electron laser L.R. Elias and J.M.J. Madey Page 775
819 An approximate technique for the integration of the equation of motion in a free electron laser J.M.J. Madey, D.A.G. Deason, L.R. Elias and T.I. Smith Page 776
820 Free Electron laser theory William B. Colson Page 777
821 Exact classical electron dynamic approach for a free-electron laser amplifier William B. Colson Page 778
822 Electron-Induced fission of light nuclei A.M. Sandorfi Page 779
823 Relationship between mean radiated energy, mean squared radiated energy, and spontaneous power spectrum in a power series expansion of the equations of motion in a free electron laser. J.M.J. Madey Page 780
824 One dimensional monte carlo analysis of a free electron laser in a storage ring L.R. Elias, J.M.J. Madey and T.I. Smith Page 781
825 Fission of 24Mg following EO and E2 excitation A.M. Sandorfi Page 782
826 Higher order mode survey in the SCA structure C.M. Lyneis, H.A. Schwettman, M. Boussoukaya and J. Sayag Page 783
827 Behavior of synchrotron motion in a storage ring laser D.A.G. Deacon Page 784
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835 Investigation of low field electrons and breakdown generation in a S-Band superconducting cavity J. Sayag and C. Lyneis Page 792
836 The Recyclotron-Recirculation system based on multichannel bending magnets R.E. Rand and T.I. Smith Page 793
837 A high power, CW, Tuneable, Efficient, UV-Visible and IR Free electron laser using low energy electron beams" L.R. Elias Page 794
838 Superconducting structure for high duty factor electron accelerators C.M. Lyneis Page 795
839 The superconducting recyclotron at Stanford C.M. Lyneis, M.S. McAshan, R.E. Rand, H.A. Schwettman, T.I. Smith, J.P. Turneaure and A.M. Vetter Page 796
840 Beam optical control of beam breakup in a recirculating electron accelerator R.E. Rand and T.I. Smith Page 797
841 Regenerative Beam breakup in Multi-Pass accelerators-- Theory, results from calculated models, and predictions A. Vetter, C. Lyneis and H.A. Schwettman Page 798
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844 Dependence of Multi-pass beam breakup on accelerator parameters A.M. Better, C.M. Lyneis and H.A. Schwettman Page 801
845 NaI(T1) Detectors in intermediate energy physics E.B. Hughes Page 802
846 Card is missing Page 803
847 Equation of motion for a free electron laser magnet with a transvserve gradient J.M.J. Madey and Robert Taber Page 804
848 Characteristics of the telescope for high energy Famma-Ray astronomy selected for definition studies on the Gamma-Ray observatory E.B. Hughes, R. Hofstadter and J. Rolfe Page 805
849 The use of an active coded aperture for improved directional measurements in high energy Gamma-Ray astronomy A. Johannson, B.L. Beron, L. Campbell, R. Eichler, P. Gorodetsky, R. Hofstadter, E.B. Hughes, and S. Wilson Page 806
850 Cancellation of transverse excitation in gain expanded free eelctron lasers J.M.M. Madey7 Page 807
851 Performance of the superconducting recyclotron C.M. Lyneis, M.S. McAshan, R.E. Rand, H.A. Schwettman, T.I. Smith and J.P. Turneaure Page 808
852 Coincidence experiments at Stanford J.R. Calarco Page 809
853 Scaling realtions for the power output of Gain expanded storage ring free electron laser. J.M.J. Madey Page 810
854 Theory of the Isochronous storage ring laser David A.G. Deacon Page 811
855 Gain and Saturation in excitation cancelling Gain-expanded free electron lasers J.M.J. Madey and Robert Taber Page 812
856 The Microtron (accelerators and storage rings, Vol. 1) R.E. Rand Page 813
857 Experimental aspects of free electron lasers J.J.J. Madey and J. Eckstein Page 814
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859 Isochronous storage ring laser: A possible solution to the electron heating problem in recirculating free electron lasers D.A.G. Deacon, J.M.J. Madey Page 816
860 Recent results form the crystal ball J.C. Tompkins Page 817
861 IX. Scintillation Detectors Inorganic Scintillators A review of techniques and applications E.B. Hughes, R. Hofadter and R.L. Heath Page 818
862 Width of E2(T=0) Giant Resonance in permanently deformed nuclei J.D.T. Arruda-Neto, B.L. Berman, S.B. Herdade and I.C. Nascimento Page 819
863 Evidence of interfering dipole state in the giant resonance of 12C from 12C(e,e'p)11" Page 820
864 Gain depression in free electron lasers W.B. Colson et al. Page 821
865 "(e,e'p)-Koinzidenzmessungen am 12C im Bereich der elektrischen Dipolriesenresonanz" J.R. Calarco, J. Arruda-Neto, K. Griffioen, S.S. Hanna, D. Hoffmann, M. Muller, B. Neyer, M. O' Halloran, R. Rand, K. Wienhard, M.R. Yearian Page 822
866 Resonanzfluoreszenzstreuung on 138Ba und 140Ce K. Wienhard et al Page 823
867 12C(e,e'p) Coincidence measurements in the Region of the giant electric dipole Resonance J.R. Calarco, J. Arruda-Neto, K. Griffioen, S.S. Hanna, D.H.H. Hoffmann, M. Mueller, b. Neyer, M. O'Halloran, R. Rand, K. Wienhard and M.R. Yearian Page 824
868 Ultra-Short pulse propagation in free electron lasers W.B. Colson and Sally Ride Page 825
869 Regenerative Beam Breakup in Multi-Pass electron accelerators Page 826
870 Fission decay of the isoscalar giant quadrupole resonance for 238U J.D.T. Arruda-Neto and B.L. Berman Page 827
871 Optimization of parameters for Gain-Expanded excitation cancelling free electron lasers John M.J. Madey Page 828
872 Decay J/• 3y Search for the nc R. Hofstadter, I. Kirkbride and J. Tompkins Page 829
873 Decay of giant resonance following excitation by inelastic electron scattering J.R. Calarco Page 830
874 Photonuclear reactions with Linearly polarized photons K. Wienhard, K. Ackermann, K. Bangert, U.E.P. Berg, C. Blasing, K. Kobras, W. Naatz, D. Ruck, R.K.M. Schneider and R. Stock Page 831
875 Electron loading-description and cures C.M. Lyneis Page 832
876 "Residual energy dependence in gain expanded free electron lasers" John M. J. Madey Page 833
877 The Fission modes of 24mg A.M. Sandorfi, J.R. Calarco, R.E. Rand and H.A. Schwettman Page 834
878 Card is missing Page 835
879 "Hadronic decays of the nc*" Kay Koenigsmann Page 836
880 Evidence for interfering giant resonances in 12C from (e,e'p) coincidence measurement J.R. Calarco, J. Arruda-Neto, K. Griffioen, S.S. Hanna, D.Hoffmann, R.E. Rand, A. Sandorfi, K. Wienhard and M.R. Yearian Page 837
PC-1  J.N. Weaver, H. Schwarz, P.B. Wilson Superconducting linear accelerator, Lead-Plated, Copper cavity tests at S- and L-Bands Page 838
TN-66-1  W.J. Vorkceper All Metal Seal Page 839
TN-66-2 Perry Wilson Power Dissipation due to field emission in electron linacs Page 840
TN-66-3  Louis Bogart Notes on the construction of the second harmonic detector for calibrating the beam monitors in the colliding beams storage rings Page 841
TN-66-4  B. Gittelman An experiment to study the electron propagator by measureing the positron annihilation cross-section at a lab energy of 15BeV. Page 842
TN-66-5  W.C. Barber Radiation in perspective Page 843
TN-66-6  W.C. Barber Radioactive air production by the improved Mark II and Mark III Accelerators Page 844
TN-67-1  D. Lundquist Construction of Mylar liquid hydrogen target cells Page 845
TN-67-2  P.B. Wilson Type I Beam Break-up in Superconducting linacs Page 846
TN-67-3  R.H. Helm Preliminary estimate of Beam Blow-up for a superconducting electron linac Page 847
TN-67-4  C.J. Crannell Energy Block diagrams for Electron-Induced cascade showers in copper, tin and lead. Page 848
TN-67-5  R.M. Simonds Another thick-radiator bremsstrahlung calculation Page 849
TN-67-6  R.B. Wilson Excitation of longitudinal and deflection modes in a superconducting accelerator structure by a low energy DC Beam Page 850
TN-67-7  J. Kessler Depolarization of a polarized electron beam in a linear accelerator Page 851
TN-67-8  P.B. Wilson A simple analysis of cumulative beam break-up for the steady state case Page 852
TN-67-9  M. Croissiaux,  E. Dally, R. Parks Floating wire calibration of the 15' deflecting magnet Page 853
TN-67-10  J.N. Weaver results of 5-cell, x/2, BPS (s:1), SCA structure test Page 854
TN-67-11  R. prepost Notes on time reversal invariance test using elastic e-D scattering Page 855
TN-67-12  H. Collard Nuclear radii determined by electron scattering methods Page 856
TN-67-13  H. Schwarz and J.N. Weaver Some S-Band superconducting cavity tests Page 857
TN-68-1  E.E. Chambers Equations of motion in a linear accelerator for numerical integration by computer Page 858
TN-68-2  J.N. Weaver Shunt impedance measurements on an accelerating structure Page 859
TN-68-3  J.N. Weqver Some Therman and RF desing parameters for an SCA Page 860
TN-68-4  J.N. Weaver Effect of Temperature, Barametric pressure and relative himidity on a resonant cavitycfrequency Page 861
TN-68-5  E.E. Chambers Particle motion on Axis in a standing wave linear accelerator Page 862
TN-68-5  E.E. Chambers Particle motion on Axis in a standing wave linear accelerator Page 863
TN-68-7  E.E. Chambers Radial motion of particles in standing wave linear accelerators Page 864
TN-68-8  P.B. Wilson Space harmonic analysis for a Bi-Periodic and conventional 2 mode structure Page 865
TN-68-9  J.N. Weaver FR drive line design considerations Page 866
TN-68-10  M. Yearian, J. Lewis, J. McCarthy, J. Heisenberg, R. Parks, and I. Sick Energy calibration of the 15' deflecting magnet Page 867
TN-68-11  Card is missing Page 868
TN-68-12  J. Styles and J. Weaver The thermal conductivity of OFCH Copper and Niobium from 1.5-4.2° K Page 869
TN-68-13  J. Weaver, H. Fischer, H. Schwarz, P. Wilson, T. Smith, J. Styles, M. McAshan and W. Vorkoeper Page 870
TN-68-14  E. Jones Focussing fields in linear accelerator Page 871
TN-68-15  E. Jones Notes on the superconducting "RF Separator" cavity for phase measurement Page 872
TN-68-16  H. Heisenberg, M. McCarthy, B. Parks, I. Sick Energy calibration of the 15' deflecting magnet Page 873
TN-68-17  E.E. Chambers Radial transformation matrix standing wave accelerator Page 874
TN-68-18  J.W. Lewie Energy calibration tables and data for the 15' deflecting magnet Page 875
TN-69-1  E.E. Chambers Estimating multiple coulomb scattering and collision energy loss and straggling Page 876
TN-69-2  J. Weaver Frequency tuners for superconducting accelerator cavities Page 877
TN-69-3  E.E. Chambers Transverse transformation matrix for capture section of standing wave accelerator Page 878
TN-69-4  E. Jones Beam character of the HEPL superconducting 1.5 MeV Linac Page 879
TN-69-5  D.A Swenson Alternating phase focusing Page 880
TN-69-6  Card is missing Page 881
TN-69-7  Card is missing Page 882
TN-69-8  Card is missing Page 883
TN-69-9  Card is missing Page 884
TN-69-10  Peter D. Zimmerman Computer programs used in Quasi-Elastic scattering experiments Page 885
TN-70-1  T.P. Study Thermal conductivity of three ceramics at nitrogen temperature Page 886
TN-70-2  E.E. Chambers Conclusions of computer study of superconducting capture and preaccelertor sections and design of beam filter and system collimator Page 887
TN-70-3  Peter Bramham Concentration of surface magnetic field due to a hole in the wall of a cylindrical TM010 Cavity Page 888
TN-70-4  Peter Bramham Results of cavity modeling for linac structure with multiple periodicity Page 889
TN-70-5  R.E. Rand Proposed transport systems for the SCA electron beam and for becondary particle beams; Pion and muon yields Page 890
TN-71-1  D. Boyd Pion Depth-Dose distribution including the effect of interactions in flight Page 891